Here are the All Africa Music Awards African Rock nominees


The nominee list for the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) was released just the other day and I was perusing the various people nominated in the rock category (there is no Metal category). Unsurprisingly, there is no Nigerian representation. To be honest, I would have been fairly shocked if there had been. No one from around here has done anything in the past year to deserve being nominated in this category. However, I’m hoping that Nigerians step up for next year.

All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA): P.S: Swap around the artists and tracks

I’d like to go through the nominees and discuss what I think about the specific track being nominated and the chances of the band winning this award.

  1. Love You Everyday by Bebe Cool: Is this a rock song? That was the first thought that crossed my mind as I listened to this song for the first time. My answer is “No.” It’s not a rock song. If anything, I’d classify this as alternative reggae, perhaps? Sure there’s an electric guitar and actual drumming but that doesn’t change the style itself. Being a pessimist, I wouldn’t be surprised if this song won seeing as it’s fairly popular compared to the rest. 
  2. I Dey Feel You Die by Dark Suburb: This is a rock song, at least. I like these guys style with the dark imagery and that they don’t show their faces. The music is cool, nothing too special but certainly a step in the right direction for a region lacking in rock bands. Looking forward to seeing more from these guys. I like specifically that the song is actually catchy and radio friendly. Will it win? I doubt it. Just doesn’t seem like the kind of song people would vote for, which is a shame. This is actually good stuff. 
  3. Thembassa by Lulu & The Zakaleo Band: Oh, wow. Nice! This song pretty much surprised me because I knew about Lulu & The Zakaleo Band but I didn’t know they had any rock songs. This is actually a hybrid of reggae, rock and his local Kenyan vibe. Awesome. This song absolutely deserves to win in my humble opinion. 
  4. Volume 10 by M’vula: FUCK YES! This is it. The outright winner! Ok, no, it really isn’t. However, this is definitely my favourite from all the songs nominated. I love the Nu Metal vibe and the scratching! This is brilliant. More, please! Will it win? I strongly doubt it, to be honest. I don’t think they have the popularity of say, Bebe Cool or Prime Circle but this is certainly worthy of the award. It’s a great start regardless and I’m looking forward to hearing more from them 
  5. Doors by Prime Circle: Not much needs to be said about this song and Prime Circle, in general. Frankly, it’s a bit unfair having them in this category with the others and that’s a testament to their quality. This is without a doubt the best produced song among the six nominees. They ought to win and would fully deserve to. They’re a great band with excellent music and their album, from which this song is from, is great. Y’all should go get it (if you don’t already have 6 copies stashed away). 
  6. Angel by Wiyaala: This is not rock music. It’s not even “kinda-like rock music.” It just isn’t. Sure, it’s a great song and a nice video but I think Africa has lots of other actual rock songs that could have been nominated, no? Will it win? I don’t think Wiyaala is popular enough to garner the votes necessary and in a way, that’s a good thing. I wouldn’t want a non-rock song to be representing our rather small scene as the winner. 

All in all, not a bad selection. We will be keeping an eye on this as it’s happening right here in Nigeria. Looking forward to seeing to who wins the awards. What are your own predictions? Who will win?

Source: All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA, 2015 Final Nominees List.

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