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I was thinking of how many bands we have in this country (Nigeria) that are still performing rock music. Not many. There have been a few that seem to have all but disappeared. Why is this? Is rock music not profitable in this country? Hmmm.

On a completely unrelated note, my playlist today is dedicated to Nigerian rock songs I want to bring people’s attention to. One is very popular, the other had a fair bit of airplay but the others are relatively unknown. They highlight the possibilities that we are yet to fully explore in this genre. We have lots of gifted musicians. These are just a few…

We start with NathMac who will be performing at the upcoming Midnight concert here in Abuja, Nigeria. This fella is crazy talented and knows how to sing. This song is just amazing, if I didn’t know him, I could easily have mistaken this song for something sung by some Indie band in America. This is both a compliment and a bit of a criticism. I feel if Nigerian rock is going to go mainstream, we need to sound more, well, Nigerian. Just my feeling. Brilliant music, regardless.

Ah, this video! Brings back so many memories. This is probably the second ever Nigerian rock video I watched. Djinee is just perfect on this and the lyrics and video are just so deep and well thought out. Djinee has pretty much disappeared, which is a shame. At the time, I felt he was one of the people who could take rock music forward here. This song is distinctly Nigerian with the lyrics and the video. Oh, well.

Rooftop MCs! This is still one of the classic hard rock songs out of this country. Rooftop MCs are one of the pioneers of rock music in this country. Not bad, for two hip-hop artists.

Nigeria’s only Post Hardcore band. These guys are very good but seem to be struggling with releasing new stuff. Hopefully, they sort it out and get back on track. We here at AudioInferno Towers have lots of belief in these guys and feel they can carry rock mainstream. They need to put in the hard-work first, though.

Last, but not least, we end with the super talented Bem Sar. He’s the least known of the lot but wow can he sing. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much stuff on YouTube I can really use to demonstarte beyond this rather grainy video. He’s going to be at the upcoming Midnight concert hosted by Zainab Sule, as well, so be sure to attend.

Hope you enjoyed today’s playlist. Be sure to check out previous playlists as we try to highlight as much African Rock & Metal as we possibly can.

Remain locked to AudioInferno this week as we have a lot planned for y’all. Rock on \m/

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