We Have Heard DevilSpeak’s First Single!


A typical DevilSpeak stage setup


We have heard the very first single of DevilSpeak, Violently Leading the Blind. And we tell you, it took a while to get to us (we aren’t complaining, we waited long is all). We waited and our patience was rewarded. We here at AudioInferno closely followed their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter post, closely monitoring them. We saw how much they gave credit to the recording studio, Milestone Studio and I was thinking:

“Hey, these guys must have created a monster of a song to be so thankful.”

Yea folks, they did.

Now the bad news is this, we cannot release the song today. SORRY, but the good news is you won’t have to wait long to get your hands or ears on it. I honest want to describe the entire song for you guys out there but then it just might turn into a damn review, which will come later after the release of the song, officially, 1st September, 2015.


The entire band cast in session

AAAAAAAAAAH, FUCK IT! Here’s how I described the song to the guys here when I heard it:

“The song claws at you.”

That’s all you guys will get from me. We always wondered what the buzz was around these guys then, We know them to be great show-runners with their over the top stage props (which compliments the bands set up), it felt a little weird they had NO SINGLE out and people loved them. It finally makes sense here. Perhaps Violently Leading the Blind will be the staple of every song they release, FAST and INSANELY COMPOSED.

Finally, to wrap it all up. I want to say here, any song worth doing is worth doing good, hell if it takes a year to do it, do it good, DevilSpeak put in work!


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