DevilSpeak Debuts First Single, Violently Leading the Blind


“Fall in line, obey the time, sell more than you know you’re worth.

In the end the truth of the matter is that we never had a choice to begin with.”

Just a couple of minutes on scene and DevilSpeak are already dishing out hard hitting lyrics. All round Death Metal with a tasty dash of Thrash Metal in there (yay.) Violently Leading the Blind is OUT and you get to hear what DevilSpeak sound like. We spent a lot of time talking about them here on AudioInferno, it kind of looked like we grew up with these guys…

NO!!!! We didn’t grow up with them, we only sensed promise in their snippet and we naturally got curious (that and the ridiculous amount of buzz surrounding them.) With the song out now we caught up with the band, we had some questions that demanded answers. We asked them how it was making the song Violent Leading the Blind, here’s what they had to say:

“It was everything and more that we always wanted in terms of recording a track and how we wanted to get that done, with acoustic drums, a nice sounding room, top notch analogue gear and mics and an engineer who also has a passion for metal. It could not have been any better.”

We also asked what to expect after the song release too:

“Our immediate focus is going to be on our next show where we will be battling for a slot at Witchfest 2016 on Sat 12 Sep at R.O.A.R. in Cape Town.”

They aren’t taking time to let it all sink in! Now we mentioned how the band keeps leaving out thanks to the folks who made the song a reality. Seeing as they did it, it’s only fair we mention them, from recording at Milestone Studio to Jethro Harris who engineered, mixed and produced and finally, Simon Ratcliffe the head engineer who mastered the single at Sound & Motion studio (we normally won’t do this but, meh.)

We said too much already, we give you Violently Leading the Blind!








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