The Nigerian Rock Scene is growing!

AxlPif & Rooky of AudioInferno jamming with 1LastAutograph at Metal & Romance back in January

Hello Humans,

How has it been? Good? Bad? Ugly? Adjectives? Well… Ummmm… I guess we wish you well and stuff, right?

Moving on from salutations. I would like to express some joy up in here. Yes, people who listen to sad or angry music can feel joy, too. We’re human, yo. Okay so about the joy: I’m glad to say that the rock scene in Nigeria is growing. WOOHOOO!! *INSERT APPLAUSE HERE*

Clay in the spirit at the +234 Party from July

Now, some might ask me “what makes you think the scene is growing?” Well, for one, there have been a large number of shows this year. Okay, they might not have all been “SHOWS” but they had bands up on stage performing music live. In addition, there are still more to come. Just three to four years ago, the words “rock party” were alien unless it was a guy who had a house party and invited his rock fan friends. Now rock parties are like, “semi-shows.” There’s karaoke, songs being played by a DJ and LIVE PERFORMANCES. Way to go, Nigeria!
I wish I could attend them all but logistics have not exactly been favourable. Most of the shows I’ve heard of are in Lagos and travelling nine to twelve hours by road for every show… Not possible. Man must go to work.

The Clones performing at Pedals, Mics & Strings back in May

On the plus side, the scene in Abuja is planning stuff. The “MIDNIGHT” alternative rock concert taking place this September is a good start. I say start because it’s the first time I’m hearing of a rock show in Abuja. There might have been a couple I didn’t hear about (Editor’s note: Zainab Sule hosted one last year). Whatever the case, local rock acts are making more noise. We as fans have a duty to support these guys. Yes, A DUTY. Without our support, local rock acts might as well be wasting their time. So, if we want the courageous who embarked on this daring enterprise to keep making music, SUPPORT!!! Go to shows, buy music that’s on sale, buy merchandise e.t.c. Keep the fire burning.

The upcoming Midnight concert this month! Be there!

To the people who dared to sound different from most of their fellow musicians in the Nigerian music scene, I wish you all the best. Remember to support each other and make good music together. We at AudioInferno are going to do the best we can to amp up the noise. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Write music, record demos, upload them for all to hear. If it’s good, we’ll tell it as it is. If it ain’t we’ll let y’all know where improvements can be made. We live and learn like that.

Rock on! \m/


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