Lust of a Dying Breed releases Pyramid Entity in a few weeks


One of Kenya’s forefront metal bands, LUST OF A DYING BREED, is going to be releasing a single in a few weeks time, they are still recording, ssshh, y’all gatta wait like we here at the Towers have waited.


Check out their latest song release here, Divine Design HERE.

Hahaha, you all need to hear this track yo, it’s sick out of sickness FAM!!! Like I’m going insane now, Martin Kanja is basically one of the most talented vocalists on Kenyan soil and his GROWLS!!! That’s all, it’s like OMFG, I can’t just describe it (Editor’s Note: Take it easy, man. Hope you drank some water to help calm down). Left for me, I would have done a review on this track but we are going to be doing one for another track that will be re-released on the site this week, stay tuned.

Well I can’t wait for ‘PYRAMID ENTITY’ that will be coming out in a few weeks time, we will keep you updated as Martin has been telling me this one is going to be ill, like the pyramid kind of ill!! WHOOOO.

Martin Kanjan

Y’all listen to their last album below so y’all get to see what I’m telling you about, just listen to Cat of Nine Tails and you are going love them.

In addition, they are going be touring with Mortal Souls. Make sure you go see them play live. It’s going to be awesome for you guys to experience some Kenyan Metal Brutality. Let me not even start talking about Mortal Souls, when I hear that band, Mortal Kombat comes to mind and it  is all about brutality and finishes.

So their Tour is all about connecting African metal scenes. Their first stop is going to be Kenya,their local scene then on to Botswana then Namibia then they going and the tour in South Africa.

They are going to be in Nigeria soon because we need a piece of that brutality!

We will be having news from them so stay tuned.

Visit their band page HERE



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