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A lot can be said about these guys, like really a lot. We could start talking for ages but what’s better, talking or showing you? Metalcore is an interesting fusion genre of rock music and we see a ton of bands doing it here in Africa, so, we scoring an interview with a band that’s been doing this incredibly complex genre of music let alone rock for a while IS A FREAKING BIG DEAL FOR US HERE!

Here at AudioInferno we have fans of Phinehas! No, like really, they don’t stop talking about them. Who knows maybe scoring this interview is a way of getting them to shut it… maybe! MAYBE.

We swooped right into the interview skipping the introductions and bla bla bla…


Austin of AudioInferno: We know you guys tour a lot, so we want to know (along with the rest of the work) How has life been on the road? We hear you’re preparing for a CD release tour.

Sean McCulloch of Phinehas:

“Life on the road has been great! There’re always rough times, but touring around with my best friends (the other dudes in the band and our crew) makes it so worth it. Life is completely different, from city to city, when you spend the majority of time in the van. There’re a ton of exciting things, but there are also some boring things too such as 12 hour-long drives, or trying to fall asleep in a moving vehicle. We actually just finished our CD release tour with Silent Planet and Darkness Divided, two of our favourite bands. The tour went great and mainly consisted of playing summer festivals across the United States. We have received an awesome reaction from fans to our newest album and are extremely proud of the new music.”

In case you don’t know folks their newest album is called Till the End, and was released in July 2015. Check out their single from the album below.

AI: So tell us guys, how have you performed in countries outside North America?


“We have only performed outside of America a handful of times. Canada being the only other country. We are hoping to branch out and hopefully tour the entire world very soon. It has always been a dream of ours to cross every international border, as music is something that ties every human being together.”

WE think’s the world is ready to see them!

AI:  Which ones? How was the audience?


“Canada. The audience in Canada, always super pumped for the music. Our first show in Montreal was well attended and the majority of people there spoke very little English, yet when we played, we noticed that everyone in the room knew the words to our songs. I can’t explain just how amazing that feeling was.”

You know when you think about it, singing a song in a language that isn’t your is pretty cool, if it’s your song they’re singing… Think back to those anime songs you love, AHA! See!

AI: So we are guessing you guys don’t just waltz into a country to perform. What are the factors that contribute to you playing in these countries?


“Well this is the hard part, as crossing into new countries have a number of protocols set up with customs. When you take that, and then add the added cost of flights that are extremely expensive to go overseas, it presents a number of difficulties. Right now we are working towards making Phinehas an international act as opposed to just playing in the United States, but these things take a bit of time sometimes.”

AI: OK, so we feel this may come as a huge surprise to you guys and trust us you won’t be the first but still… How does it feel knowing you have fans in NIGERIA?


“(What!!? *surprised*) That’s incredible to hear! Hello everyone! We are humbled that you listen to our music in Nigeria and we are hoping that one day we can meet you all!”

To be honest, that felt like an ambush question. We were waiting to spring that on them. The reaction was pleasing too and no, we weren’t done, we had a second ambush-like question for them.

AI: Okay…… When do we, the citizens of Nigeria who are your (VERY LOYAL) fans , get to see y’all LIVE?


“Hopefully sooner than later! Like I said, we are working now to not just make this a possibility, but to make it a reality. We appreciate you all so much and are blown away that you want to have us out there!”

AI: Is there anything we can do to bring that date closer, cuz life is short. I want to scream “I AM THE LION”, “DEAD CHOIR” and “FLESHKILLER” out loud while gleefully jumping up and down.


“If there are any booking companies, or venue contacts that could potentially help us get out there, send them our way! If it is at all possible, trust me, we want to make it happen! Until then, just spread the word about us (spread the shred) haha :)”

AI: Cool. We have to say, it’s huge that PHINEHAS took the time to talk to us here at AudioInferno, to be honest our rock scene in Africa is still growing (a little too slowly, if you ask me). So I’d like to ask what you think we can do about it? You know… just to kick things up a gear or 4 gears.


“That’s so cool to hear that you have a scene out there! As far as speeding up the process, I would say just keep holding concerts for local acts as much as possible. The scene needs a solid foundation of local bands and acts that get people excited about the metal genre. It’s a community effort, so I would suggest taking an approach that has the entire community in mind, to make it a healthy place for people to come and jam out around. I don’t know any tricks to make things move faster, I just know that music in general is something that brings people together, and as long as that is the focus, the scene will grow.”

AI:  On a side note, seemed like a lot of folks were worried… VERY WORRIED, when you got a new guitarist. Then having watched the”PHINEHAS: WRITING NEW MUSIC.” Yeah that one. All worries were put to bed or to be more serious PUT TO THE  DEEPEST GRAVE. Then WE heard Dead Choir!!!


“Hahaha, I love the “deepest of graves” pun! So pumped that you dig the new music as we all could not be more excited and proud. Our new guitarist Daniel Gailey has truly been a blessing to work with in every way. He’s a team player and leader when it comes to writing. His approach to metal is one of the most unusual and concise styles that I’ve ever heard. Plus he’s insanely good at the guitar and everything else he does. I am stoked that he is with us on this journey as he has quickly become one of my best friends in the world.”

AI: What measure do you think fans should put in place to get a band as esteemed as yours to come to their country?


“We would be blessed to have any opportunity at all to come to your country! If flights are able to be handled in any way, that would be a massive boost towards playing there. I know that’s a hard thing though, but hopefully we can work something out in the near future to make this happen. We want to come hang out with all of you!”

AI: Okay give me a second, I need to wipe tears of joy from my eyes.


“You are awesome, thank you so much for reaching out to us. Keep in contact! We love Nigeria \mm/”

You see!!! We at AudioInferno want to make this happen. It’s going to happen. When I watched the ‘Crowns’ video, I believed in them, their lyrics gets to your soul, I got all their albums and Videos from my friend and colleague Sam Aken’Ova, (some people know him as Nosmas) who is a die-hard fan of this band. He is a Fanboy and he’s responsible for the questions asked! I agree with Nosmas, “DEAD CHOIR” is THE SONG!!!…Without graceeee, we would all be deaddddd *inserts deadly breakdown here*

Okay, y’all need to listen to them, go get their albums at any music shop near you,  and you can buy their albums for $7 on Amazon or iTunes. We will be hearing from them and we will keep you guys up to date, stay tuned.

Here’s a link to their newest album, “Till The End” And also, be sure to like their FaceBook page, it’s the best way to hear from them we reckon. facebookPhinehas 

That’s all we have folks!

(Note: Pictures in this interview aren’t the property of AudioInferno, we do not claim ownership of the pictures nor will we take credit for them. Due credit is given ‘completely’ to the editors and creators of the pictures used in this interview.)


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