Raptorbaby releases their latest single “The Lost”

Hello guys, it’s Friday, TGIF in the metal spirit Fam. So I’m going to grace my weekend with this track  “The Lost” from Raptorbaby.

We at AudioInferno Towers always do what we can to be everywhere in the Rock scene in Africa, the Flash kind of everywhere.

So Raptorbaby releases their The Lost single today ,awesome song I must tell you, considering this is their second single and is coming out in sync with the Krank’dUp! Music concert at Sundowners in Alberton on 26th off September, in which they will be performing also. Y’all need to go see these guys perform in their rapture style with 36crazyfists and Monuments!

There you go, come and watch them perform in the rapture style.

However, scratch that, let’s talk about this The Lost track,wait!!!!

Y’all need to hear their first single which is Atlantis, it’s like a prepping for the Lost Track.

Heard?? Ok
So Raptorbaby is a South African Progressive Metal band from Pretoria. The Lost is their second single now that features their new frontman Vincent Van Niekerk formerly of Mazaru.

Vincent Van Niekerk

The Lost is basically a story that tells the dark and sinister tale of a young artist whose wife accidentally falls in his studio and dies. Through negligent policing, he is accused of her murder and wrongly sentenced to an insane asylum. The protagonist tries desperately to beat the system, but the more they medicate him, the more he descends into madness, unable to escape from the asylum, as well as the prison built in his mind.

OK, there are movies that have this kind of storyline, okay readers, I want y’all to do something for me because I know we have all watched movies with this kind of storyline that Raptorbaby is sharing.

Let’s begin with this exercise!

Close your eyes and escape reality for a while, I said for a while.

Then LISTEN TO THE TRACK !!! and still close your eyes and imagine yourself as that young artist thrown into the asylum.

Wheeew! It was fun, I just opened my eyes now, mine took more than a while though .

So this asylum sick insane track called THE LOST has some glorious melodies and some good technical riffs accompanied by a chorus that you can nod to. This track takes the listener through a dark tunnel of despair with shattered glimmers of hope.

Michael Kyriakou

This track was recorded and produced over two months by Michael Kyriakou of Maximus Studios in Pretoria, South Africa, a place that will become like home over the next few months. Raptorbaby plans to release their first full length album in 2016, featuring a number of new tracks as well as re-recorded tracks off The Hatchling EP that have been re-worked with inclusion of Vincent.

So support them, go to their bandcamp page HERE and buy the Lost now for 1$.

Visit their band page for information to reach them HERE.



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