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Ah yes, them again. Like, what is up with us and these guys. Beats me really. But hey, I love good music. Violently Leading the Blind’s was very much anticipated here at AudioInferno, so it’s no surprise we love the single. Well played DevilSpeak
Front the first I got exclusive access to the song I knew it was going to be my song of the week. As I described the song then:

“The song claws at you.”

It really does. From the slow building open riff with what I assume where power cords (correct me if wrong) to the way the song explodes in your ear. And boy does it explode. The song lets you go for a bit with an introduced “slow paced” moment. Filled with the growl/screams. Whew. But, to be honest. That didn’t get me like the solo. I’ll describe that this way: imaging going on the famous rollercoaster Kingda Ka, which was one time the highest rollercoaster in the world, not sure if it still is… It takes about two minutes to get to the top of the coaster then forty five seconds to get to the bottom. It’s flat out madness. The solo takes you to the top then on it was down, it vanishes into a portal!

That left me wondering if there was more, I wanted more. I loved that. We hope for more from DevilSpeak but as of this moment, Violently Leading the Blind is my Song Of the Week!


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