Clay releases her new single, Potatoes!

Clay Potatoes

Clay has dropped her new single Potatoes and my initial reaction is “Wow, that voice! Marry me, please!” My second reaction: “Is that Phyno?” Turns out it’s new Igbo rapper Mak 4 featuring to good effect on this track. This is a great song and is going to be on replay for a while here at AudioInferno Towers. The notorious “Coldflames beats” makes another appearance at the end of the song 😀 . Enough talk from me here’s what she had to say on the song.


“POTATOES”  is a song that deals with my pain of going through with my dreams and how I have decided to forge on through it all, despite the discouragement, criticism and all. I have teamed up with my partner in crime “COLDFLAMES” to present me to you in song.

Head over to the song page HERE to listen and download. A review for this song will drop soon. Remember to share and spread the word. Let’s support all our local rock acts.

Rock on \m/


Don’t know anything about Clay? Then check out her band page!

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