Stasis Prey has a new song!

Zambian band, Stasis Prey have dropped a new song. OK, it’s actually a demo, but it still counts! I think I was one of the first to hear this track when it was released thanks to Tu Melo allowing me sample it. Y’all need to hear and listen to this demo, it’s a cool tune. It’s on point.

You know why I like these guys, they are courageous. They do their thing their own way, their own style, they don’t need anybody to tell them shit. They wanted to record this song in the studio, it was expensive so they carried the recording and everything to Josh’s house and the song came out good. This is just a demo, can’t wait for the original one. I love the courage of these guys,

stasis pret

So any bands out there, anywhere, you can always do what Stasis Prey did, and record in Josh’s room! LOL. Jokes aside, Zambia is a place that Rock is not fully recognized and despite that, Stasis Prey are still doing their thing. Trying to break out of the ice. We have to give them applause because it’s not easy, believe me. These guys are relentless and remind me of Miss May I. Check out our interview with them HERE.



Stasis Prey recording music in Josh’s room

We are expecting the full Debris single soon It is composed by Josh and the lyrics are written by Tu Melo and produced in Josh’s Room 😀 .

They’re just taking it as it goes, hoping for a stepping stone to a higher consciousness and something bigger and more profound.


So that’s it, stay tuned to AudioInferno for more news.

Click HERE for their band page.


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