The Subtle Savagery That is Hybrid Actuary



The pictures screams “lookie my fancy axe”

Playing the guitar is easy, mastering the damn thing is the real wahala! Anyone can play a Metal riff. It’s like the easiest thing, the hardest part is creating variations of well-known riffs. If you don’t know, a lot of the Metal riffs you hear are all from ancient standard downwards picking riffs. This is debatable, feel free to challenge it. But this here isn’t about Metal, It about Kenya’s Hybrid Actuary and George Gachiri.

Kenya is a really interesting country really, lots of Rock bands there, which we hope to bring to light soon enough. We know Kenyans don’t play around so when we “stumbled” (m’yea, stumbled) on Hybrid Actuary we had to know what the deal was. The brains behind the outfit George Gachiri can be considered a prodigy. A self-acclaimed “virtuoso” it’ll be hard to doubt the man after listening to his work. I did listen to his work and I will ask you to take a moment first and listen to this below so you will get the scope of this savagery here. You can explore his SoundCloud playlist yes, but I urge you to scroll and select the song titled “Random Guitar Solo”


George Gachiri on stage

Now, I am a huge fan of Eddie Van Halen and the ending of “Random Guitar Solo” is reminiscent of Eruption, which is a national treasure in Rock music, so, I’m thinking here:

“If he can play like that, what else can he do?”


George Gachiri channeling his inner ‘JoeSatriani’

In my line of work, my curiosity always pays. So, we hope to score a proper interview with the man behind Hybrid Actuary. We know little (for now) about George Gachiri, He was in a band called Dove Slimme, where his solos on the song, The Anthem and Leo & Leo remains critically acclaimed. Seems he left the band to kick off the side project that is Hybrid Actuary, showing of his Progressive Guitar skills. You could say Hybrid Actuary is a Progressive Band-Project. Or something close. We know a fair amount about Hybrid Actuary but we recommend you look up these songs here: Love and Anxiety along with Wholly Mammoth. Sure we told you to check out the song on the SoundCloud page titled Random Guitar Solo but that was all about skill, now we’re talking creativity. Which begs the question (for me,) why a project band like Hybrid Actuary? Why not an actual band?


This sort of thing isn’t exactly abnormal, we’ve seen this happen a dozen times, Jack White left his band White Stripes to pursue other projects. Perhaps that’s the case here, perhaps George Gachiri is taking a piss or he’s having a blast. Whatever the case is, the man’s got skill and we hope to score an interview with him soon and an EP or an album. We here at AudioInferno have time, we’ll wait this one out hey George.

Watch out for Hybrid Actuary, we sense some insanity coming from this ‘project.’ For more and everything Hybrid Actuary stay locked on here and while you’re at it look up Hybrid Actuary’s site HERE.

(Photo credits due to Migwa Nthiga of Magiq Lens Kenya)


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