Enraged releases single “Mirrors” from the Upcoming Album “JAHR”

From the Ancient city of Cairo in Egypt comes this awesome heavy metal band. Formed in 2005, the band has become one of the most stubborn and persistent acts in the Egyptian Metal scene. I like them because they’ve been together for ten years. They have stayed quite long in the scene and remained strong throughout. If you ask me, they are making good music.

This is the first single from their upcoming album release “JAHR”. No release date for the album is known yet. Stay tuned to AudioInferno for info as soon as we get it.

So the song follows the story of the first EP where a visionary ominous apostle is warning about the destruction of society and starts descending into madness as the world crumbles.

Listen to their 2014 Jeremiad EP

The lyrics were written by Rasha (vocalist) and Wael (Guitarist). This song’s particular theme is the first steps of descent into madness following the story they started with their 2014 release (Jeremiad). The protagonist starts to realize that it isn’t only the world that has crumbled beneath him but that he is also losing his sense of self into something more sinister and dark that has lurked within him all along.

Musically these guys have tried to break from the zone of oriental music that they have sometimes been associated with. There is more of a focus on ambiance and dramatic transitions. The song was recorded in Vibe Studio (Egypt) and mastered in Sage Studio (United States).

Listen and Keep rocking! Visit their band page HERE

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