Envious Despair goes on tour…

Envious Despair is going touring with My Columbine to Botswana for The Rock the Nation fest that would be happening by the end of this month. We have actually talked to My Columbine and they told us here at AudioInferno Towers that they are going be gigging with some bands in Botswana, well Envious Despair is one of the bands that is going tour with them.

So Botswana, are you ready to taste a piece of S.A brutality?

Botswana: YES

O.K, since they said yes, check out Envious Despair’s Facebook page HERE.

In addition, Envious Despair also have a new guitarist called Kyle Bloxam, he is also a bass guitarist in Bile of Man, awesome right?


Kyle Bloxam

They have started writing new material for their debut album called “As the World dies”they would  bring a little diversity into the band’s sound and they don’t want to sound the same as every other death metal band, so they are messing around with effects, and samples, bringing a more vibey/trippy feel to the heaviness, a lot of thanks to their new guitarist, taking a different approach to the tunes and adding some flair.

Ruan du Preez welcomes Kyle Bloxam to the Envy D Family!! We at the Towers welcome him too ‘-‘

Anyway, Envious Despair is going to be on stage on 25th and 26th in the Rock The Nation fest, y’all should come and rock with them.

They are also in the process of printing some shirts

11949638_1215901528435237_1479823883_nSo once it is out of production, they will let everyone know, and they will start taking orders.

That’s it.


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