Zimbabwe is hosting several open-air concerts…

It looks like All Africa Music Award Nominees Prime Circle are having a big concert in Harare in Zimbabwe this coming Friday. If you’re in the vicinity be sure to go and support African rock!

SOUND Event Management’s Summer of Music series will see three open-air concerts taking place in Harare between September and October as part of South African supergroup Prime Circle’s return to Harare.

Their first concert, dubbed Rockin’ Harare, has been set for September 11 at the Borrowdale Race Course, while the following night, Pop rocker-turned-musical theatre star, Cito, will headline the Summer Night Concert, an evening of light classical and pop show songs.

International 1980s superstar Jennifer Rush will headline the third concert on October 23 in her debut Zimbabwean performance, which is part of a southern African tour.

Local acts, Evicted, Macy Huber and Daniel Jenkins, will also be part of the line-up.

Source: Open-air concerts lined up for Harare – NewsDay Zimbabwe

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