Ghanaian band, Dark Suburb, releasing new single soon + BBC interview!

Ghanaian Alternative Rock band and All Africa Music Awards nominee, Dark Suburb, are releasing their third single from their upcoming album “The Start Looks Like The End” this coming Sunday, the 13th day of September.

After dropping two singles off the upcoming album, Hustle featuring rapper EL and Mama featuring fellow AFRIMA nominee, Noella Wiyaala, the Skeletons are set to drop their 3rd single titled “Color Blind.” They had this to say about the song:

Dark Suburb:

This song captures what the band represents. It expresses the belief that mankind would overcome in the battle against racism and all basis for discrimination and segregation. The skeleton image of the band reminds us that no matter where you come from or how you look like we are all skeletons beneath and our differences are a work of art by nature that is meant to be beautiful and not a basis to hate but to love.

Dark Suburb were interviewed by BBC Africa two days ago. Listen to it below:

They make several excellent points about the nature of rock music in Africa and we would love for them to tour here in Nigeria. Come on over, guys!

Stay tuned to AudioInferno as we’ll be getting the song to you as soon as it drops! Remember to support your local African rock/Metal acts and rock on. \m/

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