Void Of Belonging returns after Four Years!

At a time, I thought this band went on hiatus because when I chatted to the Skygrave Band, it appeared a member of Void of Belonging had joined them. We don’t know names yet but when we get them, we shall let you know.

Void of Belonging have not been asleep all these four (!) years they’ve been gone. If you think they were, well I’m sad to break this to you, they have not. So this track justifies the four years they have been on the low, well to me it does, if you think I’m kidding around


Hope you believe me now. Aaaaaah, I closed my eyes and boom I’m in a As I lay Dying trance. They do sound like them to me.

So this song was produced by Christopher Lilako Yagami, he is also in a band named In Oath, actually he is a good friend here at AudioInferno Towers ,he is in Canada as of recent and he owns Yagami Masterings, check out their facebook page HERE

So from Christophers point of view, Dream Again is huge, dynamic and unique. Their vocalist has a good range of growls and screams and the singer is fabulous. The song feels like a mix of emotion and story, it’s lots of fun.

Christopher Lilako Yagami

Okay,moving on

This song was actually written four years ago (hey, I was surprised too), the lyrics were penned as recently as 2013/2014. Financial and recording constraints forced them to delay recording but this is the first of many recordings we hope they put out this year. We are hearing they might be releasing 4 tracks before the year’s ending. So all ye fans of Void of Belonging, be expecting good music from them. This “Dream Again” is just a prepping of the many eargasms you are yet to receive.

The group felt that people were no longer chasing their dreams and instead were copying what other people did, living other people’s dreams, actually. These are the people who were so busy following people that they forgot to choose their own path. So I spoke with them.

Austin Of AudioInferno: Is the track for people trying to find their way?

Void Of Belonging:

Technically, the track is unresolved in that respect. The way it is narrated, it is from the point of view of someone with insomnia, this insomnia being metaphoric or literal depending on how you want to interpret it. We put forward the message, the interpretation is flexible in that the listener will look for their own meaning.

So the lyrics were written by Eric Zoe Muthoga and it was recorded in their home studio in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya. The mixing and mastering was done by their very good friend, Chris Lilako Yagami, as earlier stated.

Visit their band page HERE.

Rock on \m/


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