AudioInferno Podcast Episode 23

Banner1A lot’s gone down here at AudioInferno in the past weeks, DevilSpeak released their first single, ever. Phinehas had an interview with us, Joint Interview with both Insomniac Diaries and Orchard at the same time…. whew!!! and lots more too. Big, big stuffs gone down here. Overwhelming stuffs. We’ve reacted like fans because technically, that’s what we all here at AudioInferno, fans! We freak out when we score interviews with bands, yea, we kid you not.

For me, picking the songs on today’s playlist was a bit tricky. I took my time this time. I usually don’t do that, I normally just grab songs here and there and pray for a good show. It usually turns out great mostly. YES, I usually Spray ‘n’ Pray.

  1. Battery –by- Metallica
  2. The Beast and the Gun –by- Minority For the Masses
  3. Remember Tomorrow (Iron Maiden Cover) –by- Anthrax
  4. Speed of Light –by- Iron Maiden
  5. Time –by- Pink Floyd
  6. Love, Hate, Love –by- Alice In Chains
  7. Immorality Dictates –by- Thou

If anyone out there can suggest a scientific formula to picking song for a podcast, you just might earn you’s a Nobby! Seriously. You’ll get a medal for that trust me. I will urge you fix your attention on the second song on the show, Minority For the Masses happens to be a band we interviewed a while back. They also have an album out, a self-titled album, worth the money. We have played it all through and we just had to feature a song from the album. Go get your copy folks!

That’s all we got too, PEACE WHOOOOOOT!!!!!!!



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