Band of The Week: M’VULA (FINAL PERIOD)

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Last time we were here, M’VULA’s guitarist, “The TEACHER” (AKA Paulo Albuquerque), mentioned performing overseas. We’re back here to talk about that and more. Well, let’s jump right back in!

Sam Of AudioInferno: How was your experience performing in Europe?

Paulo Albuquerque (The Teacher) Of M’vula:

The first time we went over there we were asked to play at the 31st International Bike Gathering in Faro, Portugal. It was phenomenal!!! It is the biggest bike gathering in Europe and the 2nd in the world. Thousands of bikes, babes and great live music. We met Billy Idol, Apocalyptica, among others.

It was a great opportunity to play to an audience of people from all over Europe!!! We blew them away!!! They couldn’t believe we had come from Africa!!!

We also used the time we were there to record our EP. It was Co-produced by M’vula and a fantastic producer called Miguel Camilo. Volume X is one of the songs on that EP which is called Tempestade (Storm). The name M’vula means rain or thunder-storm in several African Languages or dialects.

The 2nd time we went over to Europe was this year. We were once again invited to play at the 34th International Bike Gathering. We blew them away again. Europeans can’t believe that the band is an African band. We again decided to take the opportunity to record the album. It is coming out in November of this year.

AI: You recorded in Europe…? that explains why VOLUME 10 sounds so well produced 😀 . Have you guys ever thought of learning the production process so you can do your recording without leaving the country?


It’s something we have already thought of, as one of the band members, Hugo Domingos (nickname Red Kimba), studied sound engineering. Hugo is the 2nd guitarist in the band. The reason we decided not to pursue producing the entire album ourselves and co-produced it with Miguel is due to the quality of studios and cost of doing it right in Angola. It is actually more expensive to do something here in Angola than in Europe. What we did was since we were already planning to play a gig in Europe we decided to leave a week or two earlier and do it there.

AI: So how many albums/EPs/singles have you dropped since the band started?


One EP and the one album coming up in November

AI: Cool. Looking forward to it. How do you guys feel about your nomination in the All African Music Awards?


We were all caught by surprise!!! We’re still a bit dazed by it 🙂

AI: Haha. Unexpected recognition can do that to a man.

For those of you wondering where M’VULA are gonna be playing this year:


Several here in Angola and we plan to a mini tour of SA and Mozambique in November

Now, I’m sure y’all are wondering. How do these guys pull it off…? Are they doing the rock band thing full-time, or is there something else they’re doing on the side?

AI: So what do you guys do when you aren’t hitting drums and shredding notes…?


I am a university professor. I also own International House in Angola.


Lil Jorge is a well-known Rap artist in Angola.
M.G (Geovani Borges) is also a well-known Hip Hop artist and TV personality here in Angola.
Red Kimba (Hugo Domingos) is currently running his parent’s printing business.
Mohabis (Bruno Braz) is running a big advertising and outdoors company.
Michel (Edson Marques) works in Standard Bank here in Angola.

AI: You’re training the leaders of tomorrow!!! Talk about awesome! A Prof who’s in a band. Wow. It sounds like you guys have a lot on your plate. How do you find time for music?


Music comes first!!!!! *Laughs* 😀

I tip my hat to these humans. They aren’t letting the “random boring routines of life” put them down. They make time for their Music. EDSON is a banker! A banker! He has a desk job and he still finds time to go for rehearsals with The Teacher and the gang. Now, I’d like all other bands who feel like life is cramping their style to take notes on what M’VULA did. Life gave them lemons, and they learnt ALCHEMY or something and transmuted the sour lemons to oranges and apples and stuff.

So, when you feel down and out, remember that there are others who made it work. YOU CAN, TOO! KEEP AT IT! KEEP RECORDING MUSIC. If the record studios in your countries are being block heads, use your phone camera to record your live jam sessions and watch them over and over. Improve. Be like water. Slowly but surely wearing down the mountains in your way.

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