Are you Color Blind? Ghanaian band Dark Suburb drop new single

Dark Suburb-Color blind cover art

After dropping two singles off the upcoming album, The Start Looks Like The End, Ghanaian Alternative rock band, Dark Suburb, are back with their third single Color Blind. This song is very different from the previous two but just as high quality. This is fantastic music. These guys have really set a high bar for the West African rock scene. Colour me very impressed. The message behind the song is quite topical, too, considering recent World events. Anyway, enough of that, here’s what they had to say:

Dark Suburb:

Imagine a world where we cannot tell black from white, Asian from American, Ashanti from Hutu, or foreigner from local. In this state of mind, we sure will care about our universe and it will be clear to us how connected we are. This is the reason Dark Suburb chose the one thing that can remind us that we are the same: the skeleton. This is the third of four singles dropping before the début album “The Start Looks Like The End.” American producer and musician, Colter Harper, and Lithuanian producer, Lukas Milker, produced all four singles live in Ghana. This song is a dream Dark Suburb has about the future of the world. We will overcome the battle against racism and all forms of discrimination. Nature always wins.

Check out the song HERE and remember to support your local African bands/acts. Let’s grow the scene together!

Not heard the previous two singles? Head over to their SoundCloud page HERE for Hustle feat. EL and HERE for Mama feat. Wiyaala.

Rock on \m/

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