(Song Review) Violently Leading the Blind by DevilSpeak

“Fools to the beat of a thousand drums thunder
Like a swarm to the already cursed crop…”


A lot can be said about Violently Leading the Blind, mostly good things. There are dozens of bands that never get it the first time or the second or the third but go on right ahead to break that wall on the fourth try. By then, the band learns its mistake and that usually plays out to be a good thing.

DevilSpeak have shown what it means to work with a good music producer. A music producer can make or break your dream (the good lord knows I have so many examples to give but I’m going to save that war for another day). On Violently Leading the Blind, I, hear, every, thing! And that’s saying something. The opening riff of the songs sets you up falsely, luring the listener under false pretenses can work for you or against you. We know how people like to pretend they know how a song’s going to go just by hear the first riff. DevilSpeak completely flips the script when the open riff is done. Switching from a tantalizing slow worked riffage to a ridiculous combination of the harshest vocals/blitzkrieg like drumming and of course sped up riffing.

Never once did they seem out of place. It all seemed to go well. In all that mad chaos there seemed to be something sensible going on. Easy to miss. You probably won’t get it on the first listen. And perhaps that’s what the band wants. I’d like to think so. Now, on to an interesting point with the vocal. It seemed like there were two vocals on the track… If so, nice, if not, NICE! Lyrically, it sounds like Violently Leading the Blind speaks of what you think it does from the name. However, is it a given? Probably. If you can’t hear the vocals or the lyrics, the band provided it on their Bandcamp page for you. Good of them.

In all the praise bands will get for their very first single, questions will be asked about the solo. Understand this, the solo isn’t bad but it did seem a bit off. The solo seems like a rollercoaster ride that vanishes into a portal on its decent. I really don’t mind that but I wanted more. It seemed to end sooner than I wanted. That’s just teasing at its finest there. Ugh!

The real winners here are the producers of the song, mixers, and the mastering team. The song is well put together, we get why the band had high praises for them. DevilSpeak has started off on the right track. The band has shown what it is capable of doing, it’s a fierce band this. With their stage antics it will be a delight to see them play.

DevilSpeak has set a high standard and we’ve seen many bands struggle to reach the heights they set, will this be the problem with DevilSpeak? Well we’ll have to wait and see wont we.

Final Rating:



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