South African bands come together to pay tribute to Lamb of God


There’s going to be a tribute to Lamb of God on October 2 at ROAR comprising of several excellent musicians. They are committed to be the entertainers of the night and will be showcasing the Lamb of God style. Y’all don’t miss this.

Matthew Cox

Matthew Cox

We had a chat with one of Cape Town’s brilliant innovators in the rock scene, Matthew Cox of Thread of Omen, he has organized a number of shows and he is still doing more! He also had an article with the always great Metal4Africa about this tribute. As you can expect, we at AudioInferno just needed to get in on the action. We got y’all covered.

We talked to him about his project, we wanted to know more about this tribute.

Matthew Cox:

It’s always a pleasure to speak to AudioInferno about what we’re up to down here in South Africa, and it’s really interesting to learn about the growing Alternative Music Scenes around Africa.

Austin Of AudioInferno: You welcome, bruv, and it’s always a pleasure speaking to you

Matthew Cox:

I’ll be speaking about a recent project of mine: WRATH- A TRIBUTE TO LAMB OF GOD. The show will take place on October 2nd at ROAR. It features two bands consisting of members of local well-respected metal acts. The bands will play 9-song sets consisting entirely of Lamb of God covers. I’m really impressed so far at the progress the bands have made and how well we’re doing.


Kevin Rule

I organized the show with the help of Kevin Rule, vocalist/guitarist of With Dawn. I wanted to organize something that gave local metal musicians the opportunity to play some of their favourite tunes with people they may or may not know, and who may play a completely different sub-genre of metal. I thought that this would be an interesting learning experience for the musicians, and that’s exactly what it has been so far. After much discussion of which bands to cover, we settled on the idea of doing a Lamb of God Tribute- and the response from fans and musicians has been great so far, we’re extremely excited to see how the night goes down.

We had some buddies repping their band and self say some few words;

“Very amped. Everyone’s a Lamb of God fan so everyone is guaranteed a good time. Amped to be apart of it and jamming with guys I’ve never jammed before. It’s always a lekker learning experience” Thomas Theron, Megalodon (Vocals)

“I love the idea of tribute shows. Ultimately what it does is give fans a chance to rock out to their fav tunes, but also, more importantly, it allows people from different bands to jam together to create a great sense of camaraderie in the scene. Another bonus is that it gives the musicians an opportunity to introduce their respective bands to people who may not gave heard them before. For example, ‘oh that bassist plays for atlantic south? I’ve never seen them before but i sure would like to now.’ Historically, tribute shows always do well and i have no doubt that a Lamb of God one is gonna bring out the crowd.” – Kevin Rule, With Dawn (Vocals/Guitar)

List of musicians involved in this tribute are:

Kevin Rule – With Dawn
Matthew Cox – Thread of Omen
Luke Edwards- Atlantic South
Joel Dickson – Animus Fall
Brett Conradie – The Cordiers
Marc Olwage – Suiderbees/Zombies Ate My Girlfriend
Damian Rijkers – Sabretooth/Filth
Jacques Du Toit – Bulletscript
Mark Allnut – All Guns Full Ammo
Minaz Dhanani – Atlantic South
Thomas Theron – Megalodon
Oliver Saggerson – Bulletscript
Alex Williamson – Atlantic South

Yes, they are the ones.

They will be releasing a short promotional video for the show very soon, as well as a follow-up video. They are also looking into filming the show professionally. Very cool if you ask me. You can be sure the videos will be coming your way as soon as they’re done.

I’m a Lamb of God fan, just putting it out there.

Ok, that’s it.


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