Interview with John Browne of Monuments concerning the Krank’d Up Music Festival


Something great is gonna be hitting South Africa on the 26th of this Month, stay amped for this as Monuments and 36crazyfists will be gracing your stage in brimstones, with brimstones and on brimstones!!! NECKS WILL BE BROKEN.

I had the chance to chat to former FellSilent guitarist, John Browne, who also formed the band *MONUMENTS*. I knew we had to talk before they hit the stage on 26th September at Krank’d up music festival, click HERE to know more about this festival.

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John Browne

Austin Of AudioInferno: Have you ever performed in any African country before now and if yes, what country?

John Browne of Monuments:

No, none, what so ever. The closest to performing I’ve done is visiting Egypt and having sex in a nice hotel. Does that count?

AI: 100 percent, bruv.  So what’s taking you to South Africa?


MONUMENTS! South Africa wants a taste of the Big Dick Grooves!

AI: I bet they do and they are going to get it BIG, just as they like it. Did you decide to come perform in South Africa or you were invited?


We were invited! And we are forever grateful that people all around the world want to hear the noise we create! We love you all.

AI: We love you, too. If invited, by whom?


Krank’d up festival! Those beautiful bastards!

AI: *Laughs* Yes, yes. They are keen. Fans often wonder why bands tend to perform in certain countries but never do in others. What do you think is the reason behind this?


John Browne with some beautiful she toys


It’s usually down to timing and budgets! Luckily for us, South Africa was offered when we had no other commitments, it was an easy decision to make once we got the offer!

AI: They accept the peace offering which is you guys. Does it cost a lot to go perform in other countries? What are the costs and how do you cover them?


We don’t eat.

AI: *Laughs.* What should your fans do, to get you to come perform in their countries?


As cliché as it sounds, buy our album and buy our merchandise. If we and our label can see that our music is being bought a lot in a certain town or country, it makes the want to quench these people’s thirst a lot more. It also means promoters don’t have to put in such a risk the first time we visit someone.

(To buy their merch, click HERE)

AI: What are your future tour plans?


We’re actually gonna be taking some time off after Euroblast festival in Cologne to go and write another record!

AI: Another record!!! Whoo hoo, I can’t wait. What do you intend to achieve by this visit to South Africa?


Getting chased by crazy animals and adding to the Tally. And also playing one hell of a great show!

AI: Lol, well you will be chased pretty good. NECKS WILL BE TWISTED !!


So if you wanna see MONUMENTS AND 36CRAZYFISTS, get your tickets and be early to the venue, too.

That’s it.


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