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The band’s full line up.

I love Heavy Metal. I often get called a purist and I think that’s a harsh label. No seriously guys… it hurts.


With so many genres, sub-genres and fusion genre spewing out of Heavy Metal, it’s easy to lose track of everything. It’s also easy to confuse the genres. That’s the fun part if you ask me. Seeing bands argue about what they are when the fans see it sideways… The confusion sustains me.

Discovering Bulletscript was a straight forward process. The details aren’t necessary. The name though, struck me as I figured it would anyone one. Didn’t know what I was getting into when they gave us access to their EP (thanks guys.)

Put a pin in there for a moment, rewind to ’94, I just got home and my folks just got us cable. New thing! Insane thing! All new channels, cartoons and then, MTV. The real MTV not that stupid shit they have on. I see a band playing, big hair, leather pants, rolling heads… METALLICA. Love at first sight and still going strong. However, this isn’t about Metallica, this is about the felling I got from seeing Metal for the first. It was like I walked into Willy Wonka’s factory. It was like I was Willy Wonka. Minus the goofiness. Ok you can add the goofiness. It was heaven and I felt something similar listening to Bulletscript. Seeing a band in Africa do Heavy Metal (admittedly with a hint of other genres in there) is rare. So, naturally, my curiosity kicked in.


The band is made up of Ian Watson (Vocals), Jacques Hugo (Guitar), Oliver Saggerson (Guitar), JJ Du Toit (Bass) and Kyle Curran (Drums.) the band gives off a rebellious vibe and that works fine (duh) if you do anything Metal. The band even has a clear message:

“Open your eyes to the world around you, and question everything, taking nothing, and nobody, for granted.”

No, I didn’t make that up. What you see is from the band. The band is a combination of veteran performers from around Cape Town (ah Cape Town.) I am starting to think everyone knows everyone in Cape Town, I have to visit Cape Town so I know everyone too. The band doesn’t play, they seem to push themselves often and I saw a couple of videos to prove it, look at them below:

YUP! The band has had a couple of shows this year too, playing at Mercury in February to playing at Aanklas in August, tenacious, hardworking, what you expect from bands, all bands. The band decided to show its ability and BOOOM, they have an EP. We have heard it, and well, it’s heavy alright. Cos we are nice here we will leave a link to their SoundCloud’s listing on the EP. Watch out for the songs Enough and Left For Dead. Lord, yes.

The EP was released last year too, and it remains extremely relevant, unforgotten too. Bit of news here also, the band will be returning to Windhoek for the first time in ages (since to 2011) that’s sure to get some fans going gaga we reckon. The band seems content with riding high on the success of their EP which is fine. Doing shows everywhere (but not in Nigeria, OK) and they’ve played alongside the biggies; BULLETSCRIPT has performed at various shows in the South African circuit, notably at Africa’s biggest metal festival, Witchfest, alongside international heavyweights, Cannibal Corpse, Hatebreed, Kataklysm, Decapitated, Aborted and many more.

We had to have a word with the band so we caught up with Jacques Hugo and asked about what it was like doing Heavy Metal, here was his reply folks:

Well, we certainly enjoy doing our own thing and for that matter don’t specifically subscribe to a genre or subculture of Metal, in saying that however, the average age of the members in the band is between 30 and 40 (excl Oliver) so we do draw our main influences from the 90’s thrash/groove era with a hint of a more modern melodic influence. In saying that we don’t wanna be that band that kinda “sounds like” nor follow specific trends but rather put our focus on songwriting and delivery.

We had more to ask so we did, we asked what was next, right after the success of their EP, Knotted:

“We’re off to Nambia alongside punk rockers, Half Price, in mid-October for two shows, one in Windhoek and another in Swakop, after that we’re doing the annual Halloween Slaughter at Mercury in Cape Town at the end of October and a handful of other shows around Cape Town and surrounds. Barring that we’re busy finalizing arrangements to get back into studio towards the end of this year / beginning next to lay down a couple of the newer tracks which we’re very excited to share with our friends and fans”

You heard the man! Plenty more to come from the band! And who knows, Nigeria could be on their target list next year or the year after.

Be sure to follow the band on their facebookFacebook page, also, look up their soundcloudSoundCloud, Reverbnation AND BandCamp page too. As always, support your local bands!

Rock on \m/


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