A brief chat with Christian Death Metal band, Adorned in Ash

We should all know Adorned in Ash, they headed to the SAMMA awards with their shoulders up high to collect their award, BEST DEATH METAL BAND. It has been a good year for them. to know more about this South Africa Metal Music Award, click HERE and if you want to know what Adorned in Ash said to their fans when they received the award, click HERE

That is the award, SICK, SHINY AND CHROME! Reminds one of the crazy guy playing the guitar in Mad Max, haha, that guy was lekker and all shades of sick.

Moving on, I remembered what Adorned in Ash said in their messages to their fans regarding the SAMMA awards,

We are actively writing material for the second album and we intend to start recording this in the New Year.

Regarding their next album, they are about 80% done with writing the material and are taking their time, letting the songs mature and grow in a natural manner. They do not have a deadline or specific planned studio time soon but they have begun scouting studios in Pretoria and Johannesburg to find the ideal place(s) to meet their specific requirements, which is in part to record everything with microphones to get an authentic natural and aggressive sound. They do not have a name for the album yet as they like to have a look at the songs when they are completed and only then give the album a suitable name. Stay tuned to AudioInferno as we tell y’all the name of the album when it’s ready.

Leon van Rensburg

I had the chance/pleasure to chat with Leon van Rensburg of Adorned in Ash, he also has a sick axe given to him by Jackson guitars. I definitely want one of those.

I asked about their genre, well I know, rather we know it’s death metal.

Leon van Rensburg of Adorned in Ash:

As you probably know from our website, www.adornedinash.com, our Facebook and Reverbnation pages and sites like CDBaby, Youtube and Soundcloud, our particular genre is a bit difficult to narrow down. There are definite elements of Death Metal, some songs include some Black Metal parts, there is Thrash Metal, Groove Metal, a hint of Doom metal, a melodic component and the songs turn out to be quite progressive. We seem to stay in the extreme part of metal, so I suppose you could say that the new album’s material is very much Extreme Progressive Metal? We don’t really know and we don’t really think that it matters. Our songs are written in a very casual and natural way, which allows us to be creative and feel the song and if there is lyrics before the music we like to match the emotion of the lyrics as best we can in the music. Of course we also write everything from a Christian point of view, too. Reading our lyrics you will find we speak truthfully and about personal experiences and are accepting of all, non-judgemental and will not preach to you. We don’t do that.

So it’s now clear to me and everyone ,

Regarding their upcoming gigs, they have the following happening soon and they are booked into 2016. Good times ahead for them!!

1. Ovni Fest, Maputo, Mozambique: 3 October 2015 – http://adornedinash.com/ovni-fest-2015-maputo-mozambique-3-oct-15/
2. Seasons Live Music Festival in Ashburton, KwaZulu Natal Province, South Africa : 16-18 October 2015 – http://adornedinash.com/seasons-live-music-festival-pmb-kzn-16-18-oct-15/
3. Gorofest Crossing Borders Wolmer leg in Pretoria, Gauteng Province, South Africa: 31 October 2015- http://adornedinash.com/gorofest-2015/
4. Canimambo Free Form Festival in Graskop, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa: 18-20 December 2015 – http://adornedinash.com/canimambo-free-form-fest/

Their first album, The Dead Walk Among US, is available globally as digital download or disc by following any one of the following links:

CD Baby
And then,their BandCamp page

I ask them how do they feel being the official artists of Jackson Guitars

Adorned in Ash:

Latest news for us is that Adorned in Ash has aligned with Jackson Guitars and so far both Leon and Marinus have received their brand new axes. We are no doubt very honoured and excited to be part of a brand we love as all three in front (two guitars and bass) exclusively play Jacksons live. Album #2 will also be recorded solely on Jacksons and our trusty Peavey 6505 amps. This together with our album going global, performing at Witchfest and Adorned in Ash winning the SAMMA (South African Metal Music Awards) award for Best Death Metal band has made 2015 a particularly good year for being in a band full of professional and dedicated musicians and years of consistent effort is yielding results.

I WANT AN AXE!! Let’s take a look at Marinus Axe


Check out their band page HERE

Okay that’s it.


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