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Midnight! The rock show happening in Abuja is almost upon us. That’s right. It’ll be happening this Sunday, the 27th of September 2015, by 6pm prompt at Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton Abuja Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria.

Midnight is billed to be one of the biggest Rock/Alternative events of the year here in our humble Capital City, and it’s going to be spiced up with performance poetry from the finest acts in the city of Abuja. This is a follow-up of Zainab Sule’s annual rock concert, Fireball which she started in 2014.

The event will feature the host, Zainab Sule, Ese Peters, XTSamurai, Nathmac, Abdulkass, Jessica Bongos, Bem Sar, Dike Chukumerije, Bash, Tope Sadiq and many more. MC is Kimberly Nwachukwu of Nigeria Info Abuja.

I do hope you’ve got your ticket already, they’re just 3000 a pop. We decided to sit down with the host of the event, Zainab Sule, to get a feel for what’s happening.

Sam of AudioInferno: So Ms. Zainab, how long have you been making music?

Zainab Sule:

*Laughs* Remove the Ms, jor. Call me Zainab. I’ve made music since University, but I chose to be a professional musician in 2010. That’s when my first album came out

AI: Cool. So how many albums /EPs /singles/skits have you released since then?

Zainab Sule:

Do they count? *laughs* I have two albums, and a couple of singles out. In addition, I’ll be releasing the next single immediately after MIDNIGHT 🙌

AI: Speaking of MIDNIGHT, it couldn’t have been easy to organize…

Zainab Sule:

It sure isn’t. However, let’s wait till 27th before we smile….

The upcoming Midnight concert this month! Be there!

The upcoming Midnight concert this month! Be there!

AI: Okay. So what kind of music will be gracing the ears of your audience on the 27th?

Zainab Sule:

The best of alternative music. You know the lineup; Nathmac, Ese, XTsamurai.
They’re all rockers. Thing is they are all coming solo. Abdulkass is Classical and Jessica is Alternative. AJ from Threadstone is on the lineup, too. So it’s just gonna be a lineup of crazy alternative music. And rock!

AI: I take it this isn’t the first concert of this nature you’ve organized?

Zainab Sule:

No, MIDNIGHT is actually the 5th of its kind

AI: That makes you a concert-organizing veteran. I feel like you can give tips to aspiring organizers.

Zainab Sule:

Ah no, oh. It’s actually very hard work.

AI: I’m not surprised. Nothing good comes easy. So just so we make sure everyone hears (again) when and where is MIDNIGHT taking place?

Zainab Sule:

MIDNIGHT is on the 27th of September, at Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton Abuja Hotel by 6pm

Zainab Sule Midnight-II-Recovered

AI: A’it. So is there a dresscode? Gate fee?… Etc.

Zainab Sule:

Dress code? Sure. Come naked.


Zainab Sule:

No, just kidding, oh!!! Come cool and classy. Tickets are 3000 Naira. However, they are available at Salamander Café for 2500 Naira. In addition, from the 21st, when you buy a ticket, you’ll get a free gift from both Airtel and Guinness, two of our sponsors. Tickets are at the third floor of SilverBird Galleria… It’s called Lifestyle. However, there it goes for 3000. It’s also available at Classic Rock Café in Wuse 2. Goes for 3000, too, but you get a free cup of coffee there.

AI: Cool, cool, cool. Okay, back to the music talk. What artists or bands, would you say, have influenced your sound?

Zainab Sule:

I wouldn’t say bands. However, I’m a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Orianthi. Those have influenced my current sound

AI: So what challenges have you encountered in the industry?

Zainab Sule:

*Laughs* I wouldn’t call them “challenges”.

AI: “PROBLEMS,” then? What about “PALAVA”?

Zainab Sule:

I’d just say they are a few high-jump inducing scenarios. Not “problems.” But these high jump, heartrate-speeding-up inducing scenarios will always involve finance. However, they are not insurmountable. So I’m not going to do them justice by naming them. However, they do exist.

AI: Okay. Before you go, I’d like to ask about memorable stuff that went down in any of your concerts?

Zainab Sule:

If I tell, it’s no longer a secret na, is it? Come find out at Midnight for yourself and keep the memories

You heard the lady! Come to Midnight and create new memories for yourself. Support your local rock bands/acts and remember to always ROCK ON \m/.


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