Botswana is having a rock festival!

Rock The Nation (Botswana)

Dust n Fire are going to be hosting the biggest rock concert in Botswana. 16 bands playing in two days, 14 are local while two are from South Africa and the show will be on 25-26 September in Palapye, Botswana.

The two S.A bands that will be shredding this event are My Columbine and Envious Despair, and they are ready to go and mosh the Botswana pits. Well, Gehart Kalmeier from My Columbine says there are ready, I’m sure the same goes for Envious Despair.

Rock the Nation live fest is an annual showcase so you know it’s a yearly event, to know more about Rock the Nation live fest, visit their Facebook page HERE

So their missions are
• Establish and support the biggest rock festival in Botswana.
• Continuously seek means to make RTN not only entertaining but also colorful and exciting .
• Create a festival that people want to watch or take part in year after year.
• Surpass expectations and create memories for our clients and their guests that will last a lifetime.


Benefits for Botswana Rock scene:
1) Highlight existing excellence and talent of live ROCK musicians within the country
2) Inspire, support and share the talents of the many independent rock artists in Botswana.
3) Nationally showcase the existing excellence of the local rock artists.
4) Elevate the visibility of rock music in Botswana.
5) Raise the profile of Botswana’s local rock music scene.
6) Provide backing to co-ordinate and produce rock artists collaborations
7) Reveal the wider landscape of our music to the nation.
8) Build awareness and create opportunities for local rock musicians


Remuda band

Benefits for the bands :
1) Give rock music artists an opportunity to perform before a live and national audience.
2) To create performance opportunities and new avenues for local music exploration.
3) Band members get to know and appreciate each other.
4) Bands can express themselves as a group.
5) Use the principles of effective teamwork to reach a common goal.
6) Reconnect and share playful and creative spirit.
7) Be comfortable with improvisation and alternative approaches.
8) Stimulate a deep desire to help other bands.

dust n fire

Dust n fire

Benefits for fans
1) is primarily for the fans
2) is a rocker celebration of Botswana rock music .
3) is not simply a short-lived experience. It represents a social aim shared by all members of the Botswana rock community

Dust n Fire are the Organisers of the live fest. It’s the band’s flagship concert and they are backed by Remuda, Barren Barrel & Amok. The four bands are in an unofficial stable, they worked together.

So let’s see the Botswana local bands on the line up:

1. Remuda, Maun 2. Overthrust, Gantsi 3. Metal Orizon, F/Town 4. Crackdust, Gabs 5. High Voltage, Palapye 6. PMMA, Maun 7. Nodd, Phikwe 8. Amok, Gabs 9. Barren Barrel, Maun 10. Ezghet Zuende, Letlhakane 11. Samahunduans, Maun 12. Shalton, Gabs 13. Dust n Fire, Letlhakane

Dust n Fire are the guys behind this Rock the Nation livefest as they formed it in 2011,for more details, click HERE

So y’all come and support and mosh with them, well the venue is ready, and it’s massive! THE PITS ARE PREPARED!!!

Nigeria will be having its first rock festival in October, so you can be sure we will be keeping an eye on this for some pointers. Remember to support your local rock acts/bands.

That’s it.


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