Chilling with the super talented Nathmac

I managed to have a chat real quick, with Nathmac, who is going to be performing at Midnight, the rock show in Abuja this Sunday. Nathmac is a soft rocker/alternative artiste. He just released his EP, and it was a great success. You should listen to this young dude, Nigerian one-man Switchfoot in the making .To listen to the album, click HERE and we also did a review of this EP, click HERE for the review.

Without wasting time *Pauses My Apocalypse by Arch Enemy*

Austin Of AudioInferno: So Nathmac, how do you feel about Midnight?


Well I’m excited about it, playing with a host of rock musicians, it is really a great thing and I have always wanted to meet Ajay of Threadstone and Ese Peters and I’m going to be playing on the same stage with them. Rock shows are coming up and the industry is going fast and that’s a good thing.

AI: It is, indeed, a good thing. Your EP was a success, how do you feel about it?


Wow, well I will say I feel very blessed and thankful to my fans also and my label because they made it successful and I’m grateful to God for my talent.

AI: I’m grateful also for your talent, real talent you got there. So you never knew till you tried right?


Yes, to be honest, I was always scared to try. Thank you.

AI: Nice, I have always wanted to growl like Angela Gassow, hers is unique, it’s just like a newly found science discovery, so what kind of music are we expecting from you on the 27th? You know you got to thrill your fans, right?


Yeah, true. Well expect the best of alternative rock music and expect positive lyrics that will lift up the soul and expect some indie rock.

AI: That will lift up the soul? *laughs* What about lyrics of a soul leaving the body?


*Laughs* The soul will be lifted up but still remain in the body.

AI: The only band that I know that can make your soul leave your body is Coldplay unless you have joined the Coldplays army?


They are my biggest influence in terms of music and the atmosphere their music creates.

AI: Hmmm. I see, so what are the bands that influence you as an artiste apart from Coldplay?


The Boxer Rebellion, Kodaline, Lifehouse, The Temper Trap, Art of Sleeping. There are lots of them.

AI: So when they said you would perform at Midnight, what was your reaction?


Was really excited, I really love to play on stage and I get sick when I don’t get events to play.

AI: Huuuh, Coldplay sick?


*Laughs* No, now.

AI: Something must be done about that. Have you experienced any fearsome stuff on stage?


Just the normal things, a little nervous before going on stage and i guess it’s common with artists

AI: It will grow out of you soonest


Yeah, with time

AI: So how are you prepping before you hit the stage for Midnight?


Well, I have rehearsed a lot. I will just go there and express myself like I always do…

The End.

Be sure to attend Midnight this Sunday if you’re in Abuja. Check out the events page for more details

*Resumes playing My Apocalypse by Arch Enemy*


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