40 Day Journey Release their New Single, Bought by Blood

 Well it’s hear now, 40 Days Journey have graced us with their new single Bought by Blood (BBB…. Anyone?) The band had a couple of things to say about the song so let’s get right into that. When asked about who was responsible for the track the band replied:

“As with most of our tracks Murray arrived with an idea for a song and we fiddle around with it to get it nice and phat and sounding great and Murray then wrote the lyrics to it.” 

Wondering what inspired the song writing?

“We really don’t want to preach as we are far from perfect. The songs title is “Bought by Blood” and as a Christian band it is all about how it doesn’t matter what you have done or who you are, we are all seen as one and, Jesus has cleansed us with his blood.”

Great reply there if you ask me. Now the word is the band recorded all the instruments in one take, so we wanted to know more about that so, we asked:

“We loved the idea of showcasing what we sound like live, so we mic’ed the drums up fully and used 1 microphone for guitars and another for bass, as it would be done on stage. We then literally did 5 full instrumental run through the track and chose the best one and Murray did his vocals and we did gang vocals. We tried to keep it as “live” as possible without compromising on quality.

No metronome, no guide tracks, no multiple layers, no hours of editing and correcting. What you hear is how we did it!”

I noticed the recording style, If you listen to the song once, you just might miss what the band’s trying to achieve. the song is worth a second listen, great technique.

Enough with the talk already, here it is people, ENJOOOOOOOOOOY!!!!!

Be sure to follow the band on Facebook also folk, Stalk their Reverbnation page if you must also.


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