The Insomniac Diaries release teaser for upcoming single ‘Savage’


The Insomniac Diaries are going to be dropping their single ‘Savage’ on October 5th and ‘Suffocate’ will come out sometime in Early November but let us focus on Savage. Remember we had a talk with them and Orchard, it’s how I knew they were making new music. Check out that awesome interactive interview HERE.

Before we get down to business, listen to the ‘Savage’ Teaser.

Listened to it, right? I’m getting keen for October 5th already so Nicholas Swanepoel had something to say about their upcoming single ‘Savage’.

Nicholas Swanepoel of The Insomniac Diaries:

Savage is the heaviest song in our set list and the most popular with the crowd. It’s got a sudden breakdown in the bridge that people love and it gets them head banging like crazy. It’s based on a war, medieval/Viking times and the aggression and mentality involved within it all. A good quote from the song to describe it is “War turns men into the Savage, that nightmares could not even embrace.”

Jared Damon (Guitar/screams) and Nicholas wrote the lyrics. Jared, Matt Damon (Guitar) and Nicholas wrote the music. The Guitars and Vocals were recorded professionally at Conrad Lottering’s (Guitarist of Subject to Slaughter) place. The drums were recorded at their bassist’s (Marcita) house, she has like a little studio and some really nice equipment there. Marcita is also mixing and producing both singles. The Savage teaser sounds pretty damn good for a home studio, well I can’t wait for the single to be out.

I chatted with Marcita. She studied Audio Engineering hence the mixing and producing and the amazing equipments she has in her little studio at home so I asked her just the one question:



 Austin Of AudioInferno: Tell me about the recording process step-by-step. Can you tell me how the song was recorded?

Marcita of The Insomniac Diaries:

All the recording was done through me with the help of some friends (Mishyel Lilly & Conrad Lottering)

Day 1, we recorded drums, bass & guitars for 2 of our tracks – Savage & Suffocate. Each recorded twice for comparison. Because I had to record bass, Mishyel oversaw the recording process as I directed him. Both Mishyel & I study sound production together & work together often. Nicholas did his takes within the hour or 2 and then had to leave, Jared stayed behind and recorded Matt’s parts.

The next day I started mixing Suffocate and re-recorded the bass lines (as it’s easier for to re-record my parts, getting everyone else to come in is the mission) Conrad helped me record this in sections. Conrad is also someone I work with often. There’s a little lead part in Suffocate that was a little muffled in the distortion, to brighten it up I asked Jared to come in record the part in clean, though he did not have a chance to with classes he sent the tabs to me and I recorded it instead, also in sections with the help of Conrad. [fun fact] That little piece was recorded on an acoustic guitar, as there was one in the room with me & not on an electric, as none was available at the time (not that I went out of my way to look for one.) I think that was done until we recorded vocals at a later time. I think I started mixing the instruments for Savage about a week before we had scheduled to record vocals. I think it was a week or 2 before that we had a gig and we had changed the song to playing the breakdown as a outro too, so using that idea, I copied & pasted the breakdown section to the end too. We recorded vocals and guitar on 5th September at Conrad’s place (or Concita Studios as we like to call it) had some minor issues that come with recording but once we got into the ease of things & the vocalists were warmed up, it went well.

At first, I had the issue that Kellie sang too soft & Jared growled too loud, whereas in mixing it was the other way around. And we had re-recorded Jared’s solo in Savage & my bass. In my last week I’ve had computers crash, systems crash, and all the dramas that come with working with technology, but it’s been an interesting journey and I’m stoked to say that these songs are ready to be heard, and stoked that these guys let me do this for them. These are my first tracks that I’ve recorded, mixed from scratch, and mastered, I still have a lot to learn but you have to start somewhere. In addition, the first song of The Insomniac Diaries on Soundcloud that I’ll be on.


That’s the word of an Audio Engineer right there, so much insight!

So stay Tuned for the Savage single coming out on 5th of October and we going to let guys know the name of their upcoming album soonest.

In between, Nicholas is a reviewer at The Metalist Za, you can visit their Facebook page here

That’s it.


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