AudioInferno Podcast Episode 24 (All Africa!!!!)

Still amassing a collection of African albums, from African Rock bands or Acts. No easy task. The bands have shown a massive amount of support, they send in their single as they come and their albums too, so to the bands who do so we say a big thank you. The bands who don’t send in, we buy… after all, it’s all about supporting your local bands.

On today’s podcast we decided to go all mental, mixed things up a bit (like always, surprise!!!!!!). A lil from here a lil from there. All in all, this podcast emphasizes what African Rock is all about! All the songs here can compete at the top level as far as I know. Done with the talking I am, here are the songs…

  1. Bought by Blood –by- 40 Day Journey
  2. We Owe You –by- Bulletscript
  3. Machine –by- Poverty Of Ideals
  4. Champion –by-Phrance
  5. Hail the Disaster –by- Zombies Ate My Girlfriend
  6. Potatoes –by- Clay (ft Mak4)
  7. Beyond the Stars –by- Myrath

All songs, worth the listen because I said so but that aside, they are all great songs. We are hoping to bring more African bands or Acts on the podcast so, be on the watch (tower) for that, be vigilant and like I always say, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ACTS!

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