Ufuoma P Douglas Releases a Mime Video To A Black Sabbath Song

So, there I was, minding my own business and a couple of buddies called my attention to something I found really interesting. Now, Ufuoma P Douglas isn’t unknown to us here at AudioInferno. More times or rather often, she’s ridiculed for her approach to the genre of music we love so much. For reasons ranging from her terrible singing to bad video production… everything perhaps. But, in spite of this. she persist.

My buddies called my attention to a new video she released of her miming to a Black Sabbath song I love all too well, God Is Dead? I think they expected me to laugh and point at her attempt but, what I saw was a rebel. Someone who isn’t willing to conform to what “the definition” is. I watched her video as she mimed to the awesome song and I found myself smiling not at the video but at the possibilities. If she had the chance, just a little of it to do a proper video with a proper band with instruments I believe she will deliver, why, because she doesn’t care what people think of her! And that there ladies and gentlemen is part of what it means to be a rock act. When the world was content with the way instruments were sounding some good folks from Birmingham decided to bend the sound a little and distort it even more, this single act of “not-giving-a-shit” is the reason Heavy Metal was created.

While you all spend your time, laughing at her attempts at Rock music, she’s making an attempt. She clearly doesn’t care what you think of her and I fully support her methods. I absolutely love her video. It made me happy seeing a lady not conform or bend because you so called “purist” think she isn’t doing it right. by definition of music, Rock Music isn’t right but you love it all the same… You have more in common with Ufuoma P Douglas than you think if you listen and love rock music. It’s about time you started showing some support rather than laugh. Even if you chose to laugh which is fine anyway, don’t condemn for reasons ranging from She’s doing what a lot of people want to do but are scared as hell to, to the fact that she is persistent.

Ufuoma P Douglas, you have fans here at AudioInferno, real fans. We say to you, keep doing what you love most.




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