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Hey y’all, how was the weekend? Lots of festivals and concerts went down. Hope you attended the ones in your local vicinity! It’s a new week so we are going to be taking you to EGYPT. Whenever I hear Egypt, I think of mummies and all, well I grew up watching all those hot mummy female guards.

Yes, she is the one!!!

So Enraged is a heavy metal band based in Cairo, Egypt and they were formed in 2005 by Wael and Rousha. The band have been active for 10 years, a very persistent and stubborn band if you ask me. Well, members have come and gone but Wael and Rousha have been in the band the whole time. They’ll be celebrating their ten-year anniversary with a gig. Awesome right?

When I was listening to the Jeremiad album, I imagined myself in the Great Egyptian pyramids with my guitar of course moshing with the mummies

The Jeremiad album really amazed me. I was super stoked by it.

See, I couldn’t just let it go because it looks like my current profile picture.

Very similar and fiery, right? Anyway, I asked Wael, one of the founders of Enraged some questions about the album art.


Austin of AudioInferno: Who painted the Jeremiad album  cover art? How does that fit into the ideas of Jeremiad album?

Wael of Enraged:

Jan Yurlund fron Dark Grove Designs is the creator of both artwork. The concept of the art relates to the general theme of the record which is the downfall of society. However, with the hands of who? The art shows a group of people going into a temple with torches. Obviously up to no good. So the idea is that we humans are ultimately our own undoing. In addition, the statue that is on fire almost screaming in agony symbolizes the destruction of civilization. Jan is a brilliant artist. I didn’t dictate to him what to do. I just explained to him the theme of the record and the songs; and he created this piece which I am very proud of.

Well, he is a really brilliant artist.

I hope you all have listened to the latest single, Mirrors. Well, give it a listen.

The song was so good we had to do a review, check out the review HERE

When I listened to Mirrors, I had to listen to Jeremiad album, it’s good stuff for those who are into Gothic. Well it’s five songs of some self thinking and what is to come on the upcoming album Jahr. You get to know about them as we are going to be talking to Rousha this week .

When I listened to Ma’at, I was kinda touched, well I had to google the lyrics and I sang along. There is something about Rousha’s voice, so sinking, so deep. Well, you will get to know about the artiste that influenced her this week

So Enraged is our band of the week, stay tuned for more on the band later this week.

Checkout their band page HERE.


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