RocktoberFest – What We Want and Don’t Want to See

We’ve had it all, Rock parties, Rock shows (The Zainab Sule show tagged Midnight only just concluded yesterday), Rock gigs (used interchangeably with Rock shows) so it’s probably time we had the real thing. For most it’s well overdue, but for me, it’s coming at the right time. I have seen first hand the guys working behind the scenes to make this a reality and I can tell you they are pulling all-nighters. Planning a show is one thing, a festival is another. The logistics going into it all is the sort of thing people lose sleep over. The guys at RocknationNG are doing well. Credit will be given to them when all is said and done.

 The full list of the bands playing will be available soon, but you can be sure the usual suspects will be there. The Rock scene here is still small so, we already have a pretty good idea of the bands or rock acts coming to play. To be honest, I am more excited about the new bands. The whole idea about the festival is to build bridges, rock fans meeting new bands, yes but also to show that there are other guys out there doing it too, exciting as it is, I’d imagine the nerves too. For most, or all, this could be their biggest stage yet.

Information’s dicey at the moment, (I say that but I’m also part of the team working on this event, I’m not allowed to reveal much because you know, stuff) there’s talk of bands playing covers, competitions, gifts etc. A lot of stuff to look forward to, really.

We really are in exciting times here in Nigeria.

Be that as it may there are things we want to see go down and things we don’t want to see. Listing them is half the fun for me, can’t be more honest than that, bite me:


  1. A real rock festival: Show of hands if you ever gone for a rock festival here… no, yes? Ok, show of hands if you ever seen a rock festival on YouTube… yes, no? Chances are you fall in the latter category, no shame there. Thing is, you see these festivals on TV and you say to yourself this: I WANT THAT FEELING. Yes, you do, yes we all do. We want to walk away with memories of the best show in Nigeria. Period. A tough ask? Maybe. But it can be done. RocknationNG has a lot of help so, it can be done. Don’t be a freaking cynic over there, I see you!
  1. An organized festival: Oh yeah, this one here is a big must. We can’t lie, all the other shows or events we had haven’t exactly scored high on the organization scale. We didn’t care much because we were more excited about the fact that we were all having fun and freaking out to the same song in every rock gig (will get to that soon.) This time it’s a lot different. We would like an orderly festival where we know what is going to happen next (with a few welcome surprises in the mix, it can be done with careful planning).
  1. Bands or Acts Sounding Like How they Do on their Singles: OHO! This here will get the cynics reeling. We know what the singles sound like, sweet cool. Now we want to see if you can replicate the same magic on stage, in front of an eager crowd. FACT: most bands usually sound different when they perform live. There are dozens of reasons for that, different band set up, different gears, different weather, too cold, too hot, just right… many thing affect the sounds. I have my reason for wanting to see certain bands perform live… m’yeeeeeeaaaaaasssss, I know, you know. Oh, I know. (Editor’s Note: I imagine you laughing manically here)


  1. Isolation of Certain Fans of Certain Genres or Sub-genre or Genre Fusions: I see this happen in EVERY event Rock related that I have attended in Nigeria. No more of that “let’s play music that will get the crowed moving” rubbish. If you come for a party and they don’t play YOUR song it doesn’t mean the party is a failure, that sounds to me like a “you” problem, really. We all know the dominant genre of rock in Nigeria (Editor’s Note: We do?) and it leaves other fans of rock feeling left out. Satisfying everyone will be a very touch ask but if the organizers put in a significant effort to diversify the songs played (asides the performing bands or acts) the crowd will praise you for it. Eager to see how that plays out.
  1. Certain Rock Fans Influencing the DJ: NOOOOO! Just… No! NO! Just stand in your corner and let the DJ do the job, if the DJ is rigged, people will be waiting with brass knuckles and Merry Melodies cartoon like grins, believe that.
  1. Bands Setting Up On Stage When They Should Be Performing: Buzz kill, instant buzz kill really. We get the difficulty in setting ups sounds and all but Lord knows all the people turning up will expect all that sorted out. Rock fans aren’t the most patient kind, they WILL let their feelings be known faster than you can say “Exit, stage left.”

Believe it or not, we have super high expectations, not just the guys at AudioInferno, but everyone who’s heard about this event. Bands from all over Africa are watching, oh trust me. I spoke with a couple of them and they are super excited about this. We want to give them a reason to come here. We want to give the world a reason to come to Nigeria. Oh yeah, it’s that big a deal. To me, to us. The team is capable, they can pull off a very successful festival. On the first try too, easy. Show them the support, hashtags will be going LIVE soon too so watch out for that. No show of support is too small, no one will be hoarding all the glory when this event becomes a regular thing.

It’s time Nigeria took the rock scene, here’s our golden ticket, RocktoberFest!


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