The moving story of Overthrust’s new album

Overthrust is a 5 piece old school death metal band from Ghanzi, Botswana. They are brutal, they are brutally made hence the brutality. That’s all.

If you think I’m kidding, listen to Vultures Dont Die, it’s just a teaser but as soon as you listen to this, you will listen to all.

Listened right??

The Vulture in Overthrust is our friend here at the AudioInferno Towers, he is a musical genius, y’all should know him as Tshomarelo Mosaka.

Back in March, 2011, Overthrust recorded their lone single Freedom In the Dark at Stux Daemon Studio. This is the track that gained Overthrust international attention. Due to this track, Overthrust appeared in well-known European Magazines such as Vice Magazine from the UK, Webzine from France, and various Swedish and American photojournalists. Frank Marshall from RSA is the photojournalist who made their dream come true by covering them most of the time.

Vulture thrust performing Freedom in the Dark in South Africa

This album was first recorded at Origional Music Recording Studio (OMR) by Alfred Mosimanegape aka Alfredo Mos at Kgale view, Gaborone, Botswana. This album was first recorded in April 2012 and towards the end of December 2012, the album was then cancelled after realizing that the recording was of poor quality and it was agreed that the recording be done at another studio in February 2014. Due to the financial break down of the band the February 2014 recording failed, Overthrust kept on approaching some individuals and private companies for a short loan to pay for recording but failed, too.

There was a deal made in 2010 by Overthrust and Ivo Sbrana of Metal Records studio to record there as they had what the band wanted. However, the deal was suspended for a while due to other issues affecting the band such as composing of new songs, etc.

So realizing that five (5) years passed without an album, Overthrust approached Ivo again to reschedule the deal of recording, dates were set, after Rockcember Metal fest, the final deal was made.

However, this recording was done at a time when Overthrust was still bankrupt and that was a huge challenge as the band didn’t have money to travel 700km to Gaborone to record and the people they knew were too broke to borrow money from. Mr Brown, Suicide’s uncle, was travelling to Gaborone for work and Suicide got a free ride from him but there was only space for one person. This meant that Vulture and one of his friends, Maiden, went to the hiking stop to look for a ride. They only had P100, but from Gantsi to Gaborone was P300 for two people. They got a ride from one car and they didn’t tell the driver they don’t have enough money to cover their fare to Jwaneng. They were holding their bass guitar and Suicide’s drum pedal. So when they arrive in Kang the owner of the car wanted money from them to fuel and they gave him P100. The owner was angry but they ended up convincing him that they have someone in Jwaneng waiting to pay for them. When they arrived in Jwaneng there was no one to pay for them, a conflict erupted at the filling station and a fight nearly started when the driver wanted to compensate himself with Vulture’s bass guitar. Vulture then called one rocker based in Jwaneng by the name Dog Skin who rescued them by giving the driver the balance. Now the two were hungry and immediately Vulture’s homeboy Gaone came and gave them P70 to buy food. This was when Suicide arrived and now the three had no money to pass to Gaborone, they were stuck in Jwaneng. They managed to get in touch with one more rocker by the name Bont who arrived and gave them money to proceed to Gaborone for recording. They arrived there very late at around 23:00hrs.

The recording started on Friday 5th December 2014 to Sunday 7th December 2014 then the solos were done 1st of January till Monday 5th January 2015.

So all that gave brutal birth to the Album ‘DESECRATED DEEDS TO DECEASE’. Take a listen:

Overthrust maintains their brutality in the African metal rock scene. Vulture Thrust of Overthrust wrote the lyrics of the album, all 9 of them hence the musical genius statement. The album is all about the dirty deeds from church going people and their judgement of non-church goers especially some Christian pastors and members.

They performed in the Rock the Nation live fest that held last Saturday in Botswana.

To know more about them, check out their band page HERE

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