More festivals this weekend!!!


Hello Humans. How’s your week going? Lots of rock concerts and stuff went down last week. I attended the Midnight Show hosted by Zainab Sule. I’ve got to say, it was way more enjoyable than I initially expected. Any prejudice I had towards solo acoustic sets is DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!


Anyway, I had fun. It was fun. I can tell you that the ticket price of 3000 Naira was a give away. Yo, I ain’t even kidding. I was impressed with the venue, the sets. I mean, even the spoken word portions of the concert were on point. However, enough about that, for now. Expect the review soon.

I am here to tell you that M’VULA is going to be playing this weekend!!!

No, not in Nigeria. At least, not yet…

Here’s what they said about what was going down this weekend:


M’VULA will be playing a massive gig with Portugal’s most famous rock band “XUTOS & PONTAPÉS”. These Portuguese monsters of rock have rocked for 36 years!!! The concert will be on the 2nd of October 2015.


Lookal Ocean Club poster (M'vula)

Wait… 36 years???


We will also be playing on Saturday, the 3rd of October, at the Rock in Rio Catumbela with several Angolan Rock and Metal bands. South African Grunge band, Cortina Whiplash, will also be present at the festival.”

poster for the Rock in Rio Catumbela featuring Cortina Whiplash from S.A.

Well, it looks like M’VULA have their plans for the weekend set in stone. And their plans have given you all a reason not to sit still in your houses. Go rock on… and stuff. Support your local rock acts, people.



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