Skippy Duran’s Top 12 African Rock Songs (So Far)


I’ll tell you this folks, it is hard coming up with a top 10, so, I decided to weird it out by making a top 12. Which has zero appeal to it, I am the only guy I know smart enough to have a top 12. Sarcasm heavily implied there. Its hard fitting all your favorite songs into 10 spaces, it’s just not ok. You spend your time thinking “oh damn, what will this song think of me… don’t hate me song, I love you song… I’ll buy you dinner song.”

…well this is awkward.

Africa has a colourful collection of rock bands and acts. Amazing how we never started doing this ages ago. Shame on us perhaps hey, we’ll take that. However this list may seem, it should be noted this isn’t an official list. But a personal preference, based on the job I do for AudioInferno, I am forced to listen to all genres, subgenres and fusion genres of rock. Which is pretty cool if you ask me. Earphones the size of my head and pure awesomeness. All bands or acts listed are impressive! Some band didn’t make it, I have no apologies for that. That doesn’t mean your work isn’t noticed or up to scratch, far from  it. I am sure to get a lot of stick for this but as my lovely Nigerian brothers and sister will say…

“nah today?!!!”

No. 12: A Mighty Army by XTsamurai

If you are confused while listening to this song and thinking ‘wait what is that?” well there is a genre called Reggae Rock and you are welcome. XTsamurai shows here his flexibility and creativity with this song. This is the sort of song I’d point to the sky, shake my head violently, then look down while swaying side by side to. It’s a groove trip this song.


No. 11: Color Blind by Dark Suburb

Ah yes, our brothers next door. Who knew they were cooking this degree of sweetness right next to us. Aside from the band’s persona on stage, with their “thou must notice me” get up, they are versatile, their song “I dey Feel You Die” varies from this, making it hard for me to figure what genre they favor but who cares, Color Blind is a song good enough to make you proud to be Ghanaian!


No. 10:  Bury Your Fallen Dreams by Last Year’s Tragedy

There’s a certain kind of curiosity associated with these guys! Bury Your Fallen Dreams shows the band’s range. Listening to them, you get the feeling they are holding back. EVERY TIME I LISTEN, I get this feeling. Are they luring me? Perhaps. Post-Hardcore happens to be a super popular subgenre and you’ll find few who do it as good as LYT.


No. 9: Loop Holes by Poverty of Ideals

Progressive Metal is some serious stuff! How many bands in Africa you know who mess with this complicated genre of Rock music, name names and I will be on their case right away. Poverty Of Ideals are able to tell stories with each song they put out, lovely stories I’d hasten to say, Loop Holes tells a story I can’t figure out which excites me.


No. 8: Champion by Phrance

One of the easiest ways to make a really good song is having a sweet opening riff or lick or as the guys up there will say “a tasty lick.” The very opening of this song is the reason it sticks with me. The smart use of a delay effect is the reason the song is on the list, that and that sweet little solo at the end of the song.


No. 7: Diagnose Me by ARUM

NOOOOOOOOW! I am a huge fan of Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, so imagine my surprise when I found about Nigeria’s ARUM. Who’s ARUM? Well trust me you will know soon enough. How this guy flew under our radar is just ridiculous. How you blend in Classic Heavy Metal with a hint of something Modern is just plain ridiculous. ARUM is the real thing. 

No.6: Nightmare by Carnage Carnival

They sound like Pantera, bold statement from me but I’m not the one saying so, they said so. You gotta be pretty good to lay claim to that really. Nightmare is a song that builds well from the very moment it begins, the solo in this song sells, a bit on the short side, a little more and I would have gone “Dimbage!!!!!!” Do they sound like Pantera…I believe so, are they any good? Yes, they bloody well are!

No. 5: Godwin (Cover) by CLAY

We’ve said a lot about Clay here on AudioInferno. Oh yea, a lot, so much so folks have labelled us “Anti CLAY.” We obviously laughed about it and we still do. Perhaps we’ve come down hard on CLAY remains debatable but I tell you this, she’s a quick learner. Her style has morphed from the moment I heard her sing till her very last single Potatoes. Adaptability or just plain “Jill of all trades.”  I like to think both. Her cover of Godwin is one of those songs that grow on you. She managed to pull a “Jimi Hendrix with this song here (check the review to the song here for the meaning to that reference.) I told her one time she has the voice to cut through almost any Metal song. I’m waiting on her to touch that genre… I have a theory to test!


No. 4: Bought By Blood by 40 Day Journey

Christian Rock/Metal is a genre I’ve hated for a long while. Oh yeah, honest story there. I just  hate how it seems like they’re trying to be “different.” It’s a personal thing. However, with this personal thing I have with the genre, I have missed out on a lotta good songs or music in general, shame on me. Bought by Blood was recorded rather differently by 40 Day Journey, the band admitted to it also. That there adds a certain sweet twist to the song. This mental piece of awesomeness builds you for something of a crazy ride. The shouting, oh Lord the shouting and the response… whew.

No. 3: Violently Leading the Blind by DevilSpeak

From the moment their video snippet aired the rumors were confirmed, DevilSpeak is the band to watch out for. Won’t even tell you about their stage presence. I heard tales about that, a band worth seeing live they say. Their very first single Violently Leading the Blind delivered this: brutal vocals, brutal riffs and a brutal solo. We want more, we are Oliver Twisting here!


No. 2: Turn Around by ParkingLotGrass (& CLAY)

Second time CLAY’s appears on this list. Well If you’re good why not. But this isn’t about CLAY, This is about ParkingLotGrass. Listen for a moment to this here fact, Kenyan can rock your socks off! Effortlessly also. A Rock nation? Yep! Everything about this song is beautiful, every single thing. But hey what do I know? I’m just a guy writing this here, no! Wrong! I know plenty and this here song is a testament to the fact that Africa is home to something really special!


No. 1: Level the Hills by 40 Day Journey

Here’s a true story for you, My brother came over here to Pittsburgh, he rented a car and we went shopping, needed supplies and he needed to get a couple of things. He was driving and so I was on playlist duty. I played my typical Thrash Metal songs then I decided to play Level the Hills and this happened:

A video posted by axl_pif (@axlpif) on

Now my brother isn’t exactly a fan of Metal but he has a good ear. This moment here solidified my love for 40 Day Journey and Christian Rock/Metal, what a band, what a song, my number one song!

And there you have it folk, I’ll be waiting on the banter like…



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