Band Of The Week: A Chat With The Lovely Rasha Of Enraged Part 2


Welcome to the second part of our interview with Rasha of Eygptian band Enraged. Check out the first part HERE and the first Band Of The Week post HERE. Enjoy!

Austin Of AudioInferno: Talking about your bands, tell me the bands you sound like because when I listened to Mirrors, it sounded Symphonic?

Rasha Of Enraged:

Well, we don’t really sound like anything in particular. I mean we are influenced by so many genres of Metal. We’ve been asked to label ourselves a lot and we’d always revert to saying we are experimental, our music is mostly heavy and the keyboard lines in some of our tracks would sound also symphonic like in the case of our latest single “Mirrors.” So I’d say we are Heavy Symphonic? However, really I don’t think labelling works in our case since we experiment with so many sounds.


AI: Cool, before we go on I want to know a brief history of the band as far as how you guys met.


Ok, well, in 2005, I really wanted to be a part of a band, but could not meet musicians to work with. So there was this website that had news about Egypt’s rock scene, reviews and a forum. I posted a public msg on the forum saying that I am a female vocalist who wants a band to cover songs of female fronted metal bands.

Wael then contacted me through email, we met and agreed to form the band. He had so many friends who were musicians and interested in the project and we started. Wael soon became the leader of the band and he now composes most of the music, I co-write the lyrics with him and vocal lines. We have had so many members changing throughout these 10 years, but Wael and I are the only ones who were never replaced.


Wael and Rasha

AI: That’s cool, you and Wael are just like the main pillars of Enraged, don’t get me wrong, you sound like my Amy


I have been influenced by her style greatly, since I mainly practiced on her music for so long. Thanks.

AI: Thanks a lot, too. What was your history in music and when did you first get interested in music as a serious occupation?


I’ve loved listening to music since I was a kid. I remember listening to songs on my cassette player and dream about being on stage. When I was about 15 years I bought my first Metallica album it was Reload and I remember loving it so much that I started looking for other metal bands. I loved Metallica, Linkin Park, Pink Floyd, Evanescence and many others. When I was in college I wanted to start a band but I really could not find anyone who is passionate about Metal like me. Everyone else was only interested in pop music, until I graduated and found the website. One of my friends worked as a writer there, she reviewed gigs, I remember reviewing a couple of rock gigs there, too. In addition, as I told you, I figured I’d send the post to form a band and I did.

AI: Cool so as an old Egyptian music entity that has reached a wide audience, can you explain to our readers the overall sound of your upcoming album because I’m keen for that album.


Well, we are very excited for Jahr, since it is a continuation of our last album’s story of Jeremiah who has foreseen the end of the world, Jermiad as an album explored what he saw on the outside, his observations of cruelty and injustice. However, Jahr takes you to a trip within his mind, starting with Mirrors, reflecting himself as someone he never thought he would be. Going through his journey of going mad and letting it all out in Jahr, where he opens up to who he really is for Jahr is an Arabic word that means speaking out and is usually associated with someone speaking up to something that is not favorable to the society.

Y’all listen to the album, no regrets.

AI: So you would say it is a concept album?


Yes, definitely it is a concept album that continues on the story of Jeremiad. It is a “part two” of the concept

AI: I’ve listened to Jeremiad, I was consumed while listening to the album, is there any form of overall theme or idea been presented with the music on Jeremiad album?


Jeremaid is an album about this one person who predicts the end of the world. It starts with Kemet, which is a serene instrumental that describes ancient Egypt with all the peace and love, then goes on to Ma’at, one of our staple tracks. In Ma’at, which is the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess of peace and justice, we try to impersonate her telling our people not to forsake peace and love and dreams, but then things get darker with Hypatia, which tells the story of the Ancient Egyptian professor who was killed brutally by the church members just because she denounced the church.

The injustice follows as this person realizes in Accomplices that we are all part of making the world end and not just the rulers or people of religion. We are all accomplices, then the album ends with its title track Jeremiad seeing the world burn as he foresaw and knowing there is no escaping it. Discovering that he really is enjoying watching the world burn after all the injustice and ignorance he has seen.

Hence, the album art, ancient Egypt in flames.


Did you see that!!! Awesome Art

AI: *laughs* Nice one, you broke it down to pieces for my understanding and your readers. Nice one, Rasha


Well, I am a teacher my job is to break things down for people to understand. *laughs*

AI: So how’s the metal  music scene in Egypt


In Egypt the difference in the scene is great between Rock and Metal. A lot of new bands with originals, most of them play extreme Metal with growling vocals, some bands have made it to play some international gigs such as Scarab, Cresent, and Masscara.

However, that is the maximum that any band can do as I mentioned earlier. Some have recorded an album or two, but that is it. As I said, it has to be on your expense. The fans are limited and not a lot of people who even love Metal would go to a Metal gig because of the Satanic association and because they are afraid.


AI: So when are we expecting the release of the Jahr album?


We were supposed to release it in August, but the mastering took sometime. We wanted this one to sound great, so we took our time with it. So we will release it by the end of the year, but the exact date is yet to be determined.

AI: We would be waiting so all your efforts and that of your band mates are directed towards the album?


Not really, we’re already finished with Jahr, we are now working on new songs for our upcoming album titled Tyranny we are hoping to begin recording it by the beginning of next year. It is following on a similar concept of tyranny and the songs takes on different things that act as tyrants on humans such as time, death, work, the state… ETC

AI: Woaw, you guys are really pacing


Yeah, it is a busy time

AI: So where do you find the inspiration to write all this songs?


Wael is the main master mind behind the concepts. I usually brainstorm with him the lyrics and vocal line, we are inspired by our own personal struggles and the struggles in the society around us

AI: Awesome so what do you fear on stage apart from the time you were scared to sing?


*laughs* Well, I got over stage fright a long time ago. We’ve performed a lot since then and now I actually enjoy being on the stage and performing. I don’t feel nervous, but very excited when I meet my fans. Also, I am known for head banging a lot and moving during my performances, something that our fans really appreciate.


Rasha head banging

AI: Head banging, there is a time I head banged to a Metallica song, my neck was “broken” for a week


*laughs* Yeah, the neck get sore, but, hey, I gotta give a good performance. 😉

AI: I know right, so what was the most memorable thing a fan has done for you


It is always nice to take pictures with fans after a gig. One time a fan Photoshopped one of my pictures and put wings, that was nice. That is it 🙂

AI: More like angel, Rasha.


*laughs* I guess angels are important in gothic art.

AI: I second that. What bands influence you apart from Evanescence which I know you love?


Metallica, Pink Floyd, Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, as for female fronted bands I love Christina’s voice from Lacuna Coil. I like how she does not sound “Operatic” which is almost the case in most of female fronted metal bands

AI: Operatic in what way?


Like they are performing an Opera piece. I think Female metal bands need the women to be more free with their vocals.

AI: Great. What is an Enraged performance like? What can I expect because I’ll be coming to Egypt anytime soon!


We perform very hard and aggressive. We head bang, move, interact, Wael usually jumps to the audience at some points to join in a mosh pit. So we really do give it our all. We want it to be an experience that both us and our fans will enjoy.


AI: So when is Enraged playing next?


We have a 10 year anniversary gig lined up for early December, but the date is not fixed yet.

AI: 10 years and counting, if you ask me that’s great! You guys never gave up on the Metal scene considering, it’s limited in Egypt.


Yeah, we are quite persistent.

AI: *laughs* More like persistent Angel Rasha.



AI: So what’s your pre show ritual ?


No rituals really. Most of the gig days, I have work. I finish with that, drop my baby off to my mam’s, bring along my older kid with me and go to the venue. Get changed and put on make up and just go on stage! We used to meet sometimes before the gig in the early years and have breakfast together with all band members, some times right before the performance Wael would gather us all and rally us up for the performance and then we go! 😀

AI: I thought it would be jumping round the fire and dancing.


*laughs* No, nothing so grand. *laughs*

AI: Okay. At this point, I wish you all the best for the future. Most of our readers won’t have heard you guys before, so as a closer, I’ll give you anything to say to tell people why they should check you out.


We are a true Metal band who break the norm and respect our music and fans. We make music to express our feelings and ideas and we love sharing them with the world. People should hear us because we are original and sound different from anything else. Thank you so much for this interview.

AI: It was  great pleasure. You were awesome!

That’s it.


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