Check out the snippet of Nethercyst’s demo


Nethercyst is an upcoming metal band based in Cape Town, South Africa. They have been together for a year now. Their first demo was Deceit of the Fallen that was released last year.


Listened? OK, so the good news is that they are recording another demo, wait, they are home recording ,yeah, that’s cool and they would be releasing the Demo anytime in December, we don’t know the actual date yet, just stay tuned to AudioInferno.

The name of the demo or let’s say demo name, whichever, is called “Lawbreaker.” It’s their tribute song to 80’s metal with a flair of their own style and tone

According to Gage Ridley of Nethercyst:

Besides Lawbreaker being super jamming? It’s got catchy riffs with such a drive forward feel. It was one of the first songs we wrote and I think it really showcases our style well. Keeping it dark but keeping it jamming. That’s what we’re all about! Pure kick in your face jamming metal!

But wait, you have to listen to the snippet of Lawbreaker.


About Nethercyst style or genre as we all call it, Gage Ridley says:

*Laughs* That’s the thing we really haven’t been able to describe our genre. We’ve been called Horror metal, groove/death metal or thrash/groove metal. Everyone has their own opinion and idea on our sound and unfortunately we haven’t even been able to define it yet but would like to see what you think it is 🙂 but to us, it’s just a mix of everything but the main influences are thrash/groove and death metal.

Well hopefully when their album comes out next year, we shall sample and give them their genre or style .

Gage writes all the songs and then the rest of the bands chips in and makes the changes they want while Ayden Botha (Vocalist) writes all the lyrics. These guys have enough songs to record an EP, even an album if they want but its planned for next year. WE WAITING.

Rock on \m/


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