What is Love?

What is Love?

There’s a song with the same title by Haddaway. Still Remains also have a song with that title. However, we are not here to talk about them. Today I am here to talk (with self-righteous vigour) about us fans (and aspiring musicians?)

Anyway, a few weeks ago… One week ago, to be precise, a hard-core punk act I discovered years ago launched a Kickstarter thingy. For those who don’t know, KICKSTARTER is a site you can ask for funds to finance your project. There’s all kinds of projects there: Games, comics, art, music, photography. So for the first time in my life, I dropped cheese (AKA money) for a Kickstarter project, and went ahead to ask rock fans to drop money (I didn’t/don’t care if they know/like the band or not, I just want that album to drop!!!!!!). So what is my point? Well…

Okay, I take it that if you’re on this page, reading this, you most likely love rock and/or metal. So, how are you helping out that one band that you love but isn’t so popular that they can afford to do international tours and come to your country to play? You see, a lot of these bands are STRUGGLING to make this music we love to jam to with HIGH QUALITY HEADPHONES ON. Struggling. Trust me, if you hear what some of them go through to make the music, you might cry. Now, I know we can’t all just wake up and keep buying EVERY BAND’S SONGS/ALBUMS. Money is hard to come by. In addition, most bands make their money from tours and shows, anyway. However, let us try. Now, if you are like me, you started out listening to rock from the western nations. Linkin Park, Nickelback, Rise Against or maybe even Metallica… So yeah, there’s a band we love that’s from the USA, UK etc.

Okay, I’m tired of beating about the bush and I really can’t start talking like a righteous prick so… Please let’s buy the music we know we listen to over and over on streams and stuff. Let’s attend shows of bands we love to jam (if they are playing in our countries, states, cities, towns…). I know money isn’t easy to come by. Even for those who have desk jobs. However, when we can, if we know we can, it’ll do the bands we love a lot of good if we can pay for that album we’re anticipating. I’d say buy band merch but, honestly the money that I would spend on a band shirt would buy me 3 digital copies of albums on iTunes. There is some cool band merch out there, though. If you feel it’s worth the cost, and you have the money to spare, then go ahead (Please note that I said “you have the money to spare”).

Some of the acts at the recent Midnite show in Abuja, Nigeria

Our local scene is growing and we need to help them out. some bands/acts are willing to play at shows for free. That’s cool. Others feel they should be paid to sing/jam at a show. That is also cool. Why? Because to play rock, you need instruments. To own your own instruments, you need money. To get money, you got to work. For some of these guys, their music is what pays bills. For others, their music is something they can’t improve or master without the necessary equipment and stuff. THAT costs money.

In summary, go for shows if you have the money. Or even if you don’t.

After all, what is love?

Peace ‘uuut!!


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