The New Festival in Town: #RocktoberFest

Well, I’m excited. Too bad I won’t be at the festival, no eyes will be moist because of that trust me, but this isn’t about that. It’s all about something long overdue. A real show showcasing what Nigeria has to offer to the Rock Music scene in Africa. Our Rock scene is relatively young. A lot of bands or acts that will step on stage will be first timers. So expect some nervous moments. I’ll expect the tense moments to be quelled by applause. Rock fans here support their own. To the crowd, the effort will matter. People will say “hey, let’s give ’em all a chance.” And so should it be. With Rock fans you always have two sides, overwhelming support or CRICKETS. Boy, believe me you don’t want crickets.




Oh yea, you don’t want to be on stage when that happens. Support for the festival is gaining some solid weight. With AudioInferno, Spinlet, RocknationNG, City FM 105.1 and a host of other bodies throwing their weight behind the festival you can tell things are getting super serious. The hashtag #RocktoberFest went live a couple of days ago too on Twitter. We urge the readers to keep this hashtag alive too, it’s currently the best way to get some quick info on the festival.


Now a lot of talk’s gone down about who’s going to be performing during the festival. We’ll we can give you a list of Rock bands and acts that will be turning up:

+234 Band, Harmony Shades, DC, Rock Eternal, The Isomers, Orange and the Critical Moses, Footprint5, Nathmac, Rooftop MCs, The Rising Rain, Clay, Richie Rawk, The Clones, Dannas, Komos, Maxxie, Third Lead, Temmie, XTSamurai, Phrance, Arum, D’Adshas

22 bands and acts in total. So expect to be there a while. Some names you know, others you don’t know. Which is good if you ask me. Means the organizers aren’t settling for the norm. There are other bands out there. This will lure them out. That’s the idea, well, the general idea. The hope is the festival becomes a yearly event which attracts bands from all over Africa and the world, a tough ask you might think but not so much. Even as you read there are bands willing to come to Nigeria all around Africa so this here provides the perfect platform, so you know there bands are watching to see how this unfolds. I tell you big names are watching. I can’t name names yet but hey, information has a way of sipping out at the right time, you can be sure AudioInferno will be around trying to cover the entire thing.

WATCH THIS SPACE FOLKS! More news on the festival to follow as soon as it reaches us. Be sure to keep an eye or two on our Facebook and Twitter pages too, folks.

Support your local rock scene and rock on. \m/


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