Listen to Deity’s Muse new single Satellites


Johannesburg-based groove rock machine Deity’s Muse has released its latest single Satellites which is off the Indiegogo funded album Convergence. Recorded at Loudmouth and Convergence Studios and produced, mixed and mastered by Dead Letter Circus’ Clint Vincent, “Satellites” explores different sonic territories that will write a new chapter in the band’s 14 year history.

According to the drummer,  Sashan Pillay:

Satellites’ is a game changer for us as a band. We had to rediscover ourselves as musicians with this song, tap into an energy we didn’t know we had and come up with something that we are super proud to share with you .

This song resonates with who we are right now. It shows our positivity and willingness to progress musically and as individuals. We’ve taken all that we have learnt over the years as a band and crammed that into this song. It’s the truest reflection of us and we’re damn proud of it.

Check out the video for Satellites

You can listen to and buy Satellites below:

The forthcoming month will be a busy one as Deity’s Muse puts the final touches on Convergence and embarks on a five-date tour aptly dubbed the Satellites Tour. Indiegogo supporters were treated to an early preview of Satellites and the band promises that even more new music will be unleashed on this tour, so don’t miss out!

Satellites Tour Dates:

  • 30 October 2015: ROAR, Cape Town
  • 31 October 2015: The Rabbit Hole, Cape Town
  • 7 November 2015: Rumours Lounge, Weltevreden Park
  • 13 November 2015: Sundowners, Alberton

11887572_1020630637967309_8973895785752760449_oDuncan Bells is the one managing Diety’s Muse and Only Forever, he is also one of the main forces behind the successful Krank’d Up Festival and he is keen for the upcoming Rocktoberfest:

This is a really big festival for us and I’m also keen for the fest.

Check out their band page HERE


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