Playlist: Thursday Thoughts with Martin Kanja of Lust Of A Dying Breed


Hello world, we are going to be starting a regular series of posts on AudioInferno every Thursday starting with today. They’ll be titled Thursday Thoughts With… and we will chat with a rock act or member of a band asking them about the music videos that influenced their style and music.

Just the other day, I was looking for rock musical videos on the internet and I was like “fuck it,” it will be great if we get to know which Rock musical videos an artiste likes, ranging from a solo artiste to a band and all of that.This way you get to know what your favourite artistes musical videos are and you get to learn and discover about new bands also. Don’t worry, we would be touching every part of Africa, the east, west, north and south, I suppose.

Martin Kanja

Martin Kanja

These are the top 5 rock music videos that Martin Kanja of Lust Of A Dying Breed adores or was inspired by. Lust Of A Dying Breed are a Kenyan Death Metal Band. You can check out their band page HERE

Pyramid God By Septic Flesh

I like the concept. The pyramid that appears above New York City. The main thing that got to me is how the supernatural overcomes the natural in the video. It’s a reminder to me that I am the creator of my destiny and I am the one that chooses what fates to manifest.

You Only Live Once by Suicide Silence

In the video the band is performing and people walk up and shoot at them. It’s dualistic as the band is doing its best and the people are doing their best to shoot at it, you only get one shot at anything, so do your best to avoid regrets later.

Sonnet of the Wretched by Chelsea Grin

The vid is a live performance by the band and I simply love the energy, it is fucking balls to the walls type of energy, plus the song talks about a prophecy that has come to pass in Syria and Libya.

Outside The Hospital Walls by Editors

The vid is exciting as it tells the story of a child with supernatural powers who is being hunted down, in the end she escapes, it’s awesome because it can be seen to depict how gifted I am and my struggles and how God the Father always rescues me.

Beyond The Entombed by Rose Funeral

I love this one because the visuals are Metal as fuck and paradoxical. It’s done in a Catholic church and the vox is on the pulpit, it resonated with me because I see doctrinal dogmas such as institutions like the Catholic church as irrelevant and out of touch with humanity, they enslave freedom that’s based on freewill and cage their victims, making them worship a wooden god and forget that our universal father is holy and invisible and he specifically instructed us not to worship idols in his name.

So there you have it. His list of videos and his reasons for them. This is a good list.

I watched Midnight City by M83 some years back and I really loved it. It fits the description that Martin said about Outside the Hospital Walls by The Editors, I watched the video and I was wondering whether I would see any video like that ever again.

So up next is Rasha from Enraged, stay tuned as you get to know about her favourite/most influential videos next week Thursday.

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