Skippy Duran’s Song of the Week

Perhaps this is the one I have waited on…

Maybe I am a little desperate here or it’s something else but I think this guy here is the next thing. ARUM isn’t exactly your everyday Rock act. For one he doesn’t have a band, yet. However, that surely hasn’t limited him. I found out about ARUM through the guys here at AudioInferno Towers and I was like, “meh, what the heck, might as well try him out, big whoop.” So I played Diagnose Me. Two things happened:

Firstly, I was ecstatic and secondly hopeful.

I listened to this song and I immediately thought to myself this, “Why he sound like Rob Halford?” Yes you read that right folks, ‘the’ Rob Halford of Judas Priest. In one song, ARUM achieved two things, stepping out of the “norm” that is Nigerian Rock and by that I mean nothing “heavy” and bridging a gap between classic Heavy Metal with a tiny (minute perhaps) hint of the modern Metal. How? I don’t know. Really. I may be wrong though but I could tell he wasn’t exactly planning on doing this. In fact, it seemed to me like he has no idea what he’s done with this song. FACT, if I was back home in Nigeria, I would have asked to play alongside ARUM at the RocktoberFest on rhythm. I wasn’t exactly moved about missing the festival but now it seem like I’d be missing a lot. It’s safe to say that ARUM would be the one-act I’d want to see most.

For me, ARUM represents my hope for a Heavy Metal act or band in Nigeria. I tried getting a band together back then (I confess I wasn’t all that serious about it, though) but I guess it wasn’t the right time. If I was back home, the time would have been perfect.

Diagnose Me hasn’t gone a day without getting played on my phone, it is my song of the week! 


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