Band Of the Week: (A Walk through the) Dark Suburb

Dark Suburb2


How have you guys been? First, I think it would be bad of me not to say this, we are very grateful for your continued support. Yeah…

*Awkward silence*

Anyway, today, we will be talking about another band I discovered from the All African Music Awards nominees. It’s Ghana’s own DARK SUBURB!


I gotta say, the band has attitude and guts. I mean, it’s no news that a number of people in our beloved continent see the genre, ROCK as “satanic” (I shall tackle that another day, maybe). So, when a band goes the way of Slipknot and wears “creepy” masks, that’s some gutsy move, yo. I mean, I was going through their page one time and I saw an article saying something like “Dark suburb shut down site due to being accused of Satanism.” Something like that.

Now, avid followers of our site would have come across our post about their BBC Africa Interview. There was mention of a lot of stuff. One of the things I heard when listening to the interview is how the band has taken a lot of heat for their “dark” imagery. It kind of reminds me of the controversy that came with Black Metal. I mean, I get it. I read about the church burning thing and stuff…

Now that don’t mean all black metal bands are evil, church burning peeps. No! No generalizations please. It’s generalization like that made rock get a bad name for being “Evil”. But I digress. We talking about Dark Suburb!

For those who haven’t seen or heard about the band, here’s a picture.

Dark suburb

They look scary, yeah? Are they sending chills down your spine?? Mwahahahahaha!!!

Now listen to this song.

Oh yes, Dark Suburb, the scary band sang that. Now, I am sure some of you are comparing their imagery with their sound. Feel no shame. It happens to the best. Just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover. Their primary genre is Alternative Rock. Yup. Also, That is their latest single from their upcoming album.

But that wasn’t the song that I discovered first. The first one I heard is I Dey Feel You Die.

Lights, Camera, Music VIDEO!

First, I was just pleasantly surprised by the chorus. It being in “pidgin english” and all. Now I know this song is heavier than the earlier song. However, it’s still softer than what one versed in the many sub-genres of the heavy music scene would expect. You know I once imagined a band dressed in long leather coats with spiked shoulder pads, black and white face paint, and Axe shaped Guitars singing alternative and indie. I thought it was a fun idea. Looks like Dark Suburb have sorta brought that idea to light….Now all they need is these:

axe shapped guitar 2

axe shapped guitar

Just Kidding


There’s something else I respect them for. None of their songs sound the same. That’s hard to pull off. I mean, just listen to this:

This song was the one that convinced that they are legit, yo! It’s just so beautiful. For real! Much respect! This is officially my best song by the band. Man. Such a diverse sound portfolio. It’s no wonder they have fans from all over the World. Yup! Our bands are going places. That is a good thing. A GREAT THING. Dark Suburb, keep it up and you’ll be hugging the spotlight (I hope the light doesn’t cramp your style though, you know, because they are Dark Suburb… Yeah). Anyway, later this week, we’ll be having a little chat with the band to find out more about what they are about. So “stay tuned.”

Till next time, Humans, rock on \m/


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