Life Below: The New Face Of “Pissed Off ” Bands?

I know about a handful of totally pissed off bands out there. I should name names but I’m a little worried this will turn into a competition thing and you guys would probably name more names and I’ll be forced to look them all up! More work for me? NEVER!!!!!! I got an exam next week no thank you very much!

If you brand your band as a “pissed off hardcore band from Durban” then you should have the vocals and riffs to back it up, case study below:

Pissed off enough?

Life Below, as already stated, is a Hardcore band that delivers fast and heavy everything… EVERYTHING! The band is majorly influenced by multiple genres such as Doom and Punk (can you tell?). A 4-piece band, with Mitch on vocals, Steve on bass (STEEEEEEVE!!!!!! He’s a good man he is) James on guitar and Brendan on Drums (their last names remain a mystery, we like it that way.) These guys pack a whole lotta punch, even performing along side bands like Peasant, Conqueror and Ashes. If you roll with these bands mentioned then you probably get the “pissed off band” bit. What is super cool about Life Below is they released their EP, titled “I” and it’s pretty much available to you guys, like right now. No really, here it is:

This is the mother of all cock tease in EP! It’s 7 minutes long and it’s like the band’s saying to us “there’s more angry from where that came from.” I think it’s a brilliant strategy to get folks wanting more. I swear, they just gave me an EP idea also. The EP’s straight to the point and for me it sends a message. What better way to accompany a cock teasing EP? Why, release a cock teasing short video of one of the songs on the EP!

Life Below are firmly in our crosshairs now! And they should be on yours, too. Their EP is brilliant, accompanying that with a video is just SMART! They are relatively new too, new guys new ideas. Starting in 2014, you get the feeling there’s plenty more to come from them. We encourage you guys out there to follow their pages:

BandcampFacebook facebook and Twitter twitter

For more on anything Life Below, be sure to look towards AudioInferno!

(Photo credit by Philip Wilson All images mooched off of their Facebook page, well… not all though. Some we received personally.)


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