Watch the first music video by Riddlebreak!

Riddlebreak in action

Well, I got to know about Riddlebreak from the Krank’d up Festival, where they got to play alongside international bands Monuments and 36 CrazyFists.

Riddlebreak, an alternative/progressive metal band based in Johannesburg, South Africa have released their first official music video Zero Point Energy.

The theme of the song is all about humanity coming together as one, to fight off an alien invasion that could wipe out the human race. The whole idea behind the actual video is that they are playing in an underground bunker to some of the last few survivors, while a war goes on above us. Getting them ready for one last fight for the fate of humanity.

I’m impressed cuz it’s their first official music video and they killed it, you all need to watch it

They are gonna be releasing their upcoming EP “Collapsar” officially this month. I’m keen to listen to them after watching this video. It’s a 5 track EP and  one of the songs on the EP is called “Something Sick”and it features a violin performed by one of their good friends, David Gillham, he is a very talented musician that does a lot of solo shows for events and corporate functions.


The song isn’t out yet, when it’s out, we would let you know

They will be selling physical copies at their upcoming shows but there will also be a digital release online.

Stay tuned


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