Orchard releases First Single ‘Severed Sense’


Orchard, the band from South Africa has just released their first single Severed Sense. I’m so happy for them, because I spoke with Patrick a while back and he told me their band  are determined to be one of the best bands in S.A. Well, we have done some talking with them and interviews also, these guys are brilliant .

Scratch that, let’s talk about their first Single Severed Sense.

First of all listen to it:

Severed reminds me of the band Perfect Circle. Pretty intense.

The music came from them jamming on an old riff of Terry’s, except for the off-time middle riff, which Terry wrote while doing the arrangement. The lyrics were written by Ché and Terry

I spoke with Patrick about the song:

Austin Of AudioInferno: What is the inspiration behind Severed Sense?

Patrick Of Orchard:

I don’t think I had one particular inspiration for the music, I just kinda played what felt natural for me. The lyrics came from Ché just responding to the music, the images it conjured up for us. We sort of ended up telling the same story from two different angles.


Orchard recording at 7 strings Studio

AI: What does the music mean to you?


I can’t speak for anyone else on this, but for me the music we play is just my way of doing what makes me happiest, and being able to play what I want to without having to fit into any predefined boundaries. Whether I end up playing a 3 minute verse-chorus-verse song or a rambling 10 minute jam, I do it because I enjoy it.

Very good answer, in case you don’t know, we had an interview with them and Insomniac Diaries. Check it out HERE.


So this is just the first single from them and it’s good stuff, well I’ve been pestering Patrick for this song and here it is, it’s rad.

AI: Is this song part of an EP or album appearing soon?


We usually try not to plan things too far ahead. We prefer to do things when the time feels right but there’s a good chance the eventual EP or album will have a totally different set of songs on it.

We would love to have a good studio ourselves where we could help Rock acts/bands record and master their songs. This is all part of our vision of growing the rock scene in Nigeria and Africa, at large.

Stay tuned to AudioInferno.


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