Mauritian band Millennium to release first single ‘Memories’ in 2 Weeks

Millennium is a masked rock band all the from Mauritius and it was formed in September 2013, the group was founded by Riley Mc.They mix alternative rock, nu metal and electronic elements.


Masked Riley

I’ve seen masked bands lately, Dark Suburb, our band of the week, those Ghanaians are masked. They doing it in the Slipknot style, the only difference is the music they sing. By the way, if go for a Slipknot show, make sure to take fire extinguishers because their shows are sick “propanely,” which simply means those dudes have propane backstage, any misuse can blow the venue to hell.

But wait, what does Corey Taylor think about this?

‘He approves’ ‘-‘

Riley is the band ‘s Face

Never Look Back is just the first soundtrack teaser from Millennium’s upcoming album Memories(Are golden) which will be out soon. They want to give the audience an idea about how the album will sound like. The vocal complete version of Never Look Back will be available online soon, stay tuned to AudioInferno.


Their first single Memories will be out in 2 weeks time. We would know more about this track soon.


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