The #RocktoberFest Podcast Special



This Saturday, we will be having the very first Rock Music festival here in Nigeria. It’s a big deal and the guys here are super stoked about it. To bad for me, I’ll be missing the thing but I wont be losing sleep on that here. We will be covering the event as we would like to make people feel bad for missing out (looking at myself here) on THE FIRST ROCK FESTIVAL IN NIGERIA. The podcast serves as a reminder of what’s going to happen before the festival, so we implore you to stick around, listen and enjoy the music in the background to… it’s SLAYER by the way, I play Slayer when I’m super excited bout stuff, bite me.

The Podcast ends abruptly, got a bit too excited.


Temet nosce. Author of the book: The Complication, Grim. Speed/Thrash Metal enthusiast. Guitarist. #CFC. Sub-serial AudioInferno podcaster. Habitual fire starter, local troublemaker, I'm BATMAN (nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, BATMAN!!!!!!!!)

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